Examination Information

Find out more about exams and assessments, including the options available to you for additional support.

Examination Timetables

Students are advised to re-check the dates and times of their exams no more than 2 weeks before the start of the examination period, as late changes are sometimes unavoidable.

If you find that two of your exams are scheduled to take place on the same day and at the same time, please contact the Academic Department immediately in order that alternative arrangements can be made:

• by phone on 077x xxx xxx
• by email at examinations@icbsgroup.com

How To Complete Exam Booklets

Information About Re-sits/ Reassessments

Re-sits for modules studied in the previous semester will be offered next, within 6-8 weeks from the original examinations being offered. The next re-sit attempt will become available following the completion of the following semester examination For example:

• If the examinations for the original module was carried out in the end of January 2020, then the resit will be in March 2020.
• If next re-sit will be offered in September following the semester examinations in July 2020.

Failure to attend the re-sit at the appropriate time may lead to loss of attempt.