Induction & Enrolments

Welcome to ICBS if you are joining us for the first time and congratulations on your success if you are continuing with your studies!

New Students

Once you have been accepted to study at ICBS the Student Recruitment team will send out, via email (to the email address your specified in your application), your conditional offer. This will then be followed by login credentials for your account on the ICBS LMS, sent out by the Academic team. All your course material and further information on modules etc. will be available on the LMS

You will once again be contacted by the Student Recruitment team for information and photographs required for your student ID.

What happens at inductions?

An induction session for your programme of study is run by ICBS during Induction Week.

You're expected to attend this important event, as you will:

• Meet the academic staff for your programme
• Find out about the course content and structure
• Find out about your modules
• Meet other students on your programme
• Learn about the LMS and how to access course materials