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Pravinth Rajaratnam Director Academics of Imperial College of Business Studies explains the reason behind the DEGREE BA (Hons)International Business & Finance offered by Imperial College of Business Studies in affiliation with the University of the West of Scotland being a “GLOBAL FIRST”

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Our Role Model who conquered GCE A/L , CIMA and a Hons Degree by the age of 18

Thejana de Silva – Year 3 Semester 2

An extraordinary personality who is dedicated, committed, well disciplines and focused student of Imperial College of Business Studies has achieved his dreams, milestones before even hitting 18 year.

From the very first day we met him , he showed his character of becoming the Next Generation Inspiration which he has proved by receiving 4 As at GCE A/L Examination with a district rank and becoming a CIMA Pass Finalized even before he received his A/L results and even completing the degree.

Currently he is in the Final Year of BA(Hons) International Business & Finance heading for a first class Degree from one of the most reputed universities in the world – University of the West of Scotland.

He has an exciting story to share…. If you are interested to know the way Thejana achieved his dreams , to get inspired and to know his strategies , drop us a text message (WhatsApp) on 0771848250 Or visit us and talk to us online through Get Inspired, and Become and Inspiration!

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Dominate the business world, by holding the title of a (HONS) degree program. A business and finance degree engineered to complete CIMA and ACCA, two of the largest professional qualifications, by the time you are a proud graduate. For the 1st time in the world, a (HONS) degree programme that has been accepted by 10 professional qualifications around the globe. DO you have what it takes to graduate from a university that has been ranked in the top 3% of the universities from the entire world?