1 Degree, 11 Qualifications?

1 Degree, 11 Qualifications?

The BA (Hons) International Business & Finance degree is an Undergraduate Degree offered at Imperial College of Business Studies, in association with the University of the West of Scotland, which is among the top 3% universities in the world.

The degree allows you to graduate in International Business & Finance along with the ACCA and CIMA qualifications for almost the same investment. Through this, you will obtain two professional qualifications and academic qualifications in just 1 syllabus which is financially beneficial as well time-saving, because it eases the pressure of sitting for two qualifications at the same time.

BA(Hons) International Business & Finance offered by the University of the West of Scotland is a 3 Year Degree which enables you to receive exemptions from CIMA, ACCA and 8 other professional qualifications inclusive of AAT UK, CA UK & CPA Australia providing you routes to establish yourself anywhere around the globe. And at the end of 24 months, you will be eligible to obtain a DEGREE as well as the opportunity to wave off 11 exams out of 16 leaving only 5 papers to qualify CIMA.

The BA (Hons) Degree is the result of 30 months of detailed research and development by all of the above organizations. The outcome of which is an academic qualification that goes on for 36 months (3 years) that molds students into work-ready graduates with not only a mix of in-depth subject knowledge but also with the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge to industry.

The degree program focuses on two major skill sets, academic as well as the practical aspects since the degree has been structured along with two of the largest professional bodies in the world CIMA & ACCA.

The Degree program also encompasses the development of soft skills, ensures students undertake much important researches and presentation of the final project, all of which are elements that have been built into the program based on feedback from the industry. In addition to the up-to-date syllabus content, the requirements of industries are incorporated into the qualification. This ensures that students graduate with skills and qualifications that are demanded by the industry, and makes them truly work-ready employable graduates.

This is exactly why students are much ahead because they complete a degree as well as a professional qualification which gives the most essential skills and attributes to enter the cooperate world as a work-ready graduate.

The degree will also provide you the opportunity to transfer your credits to foreign universities to complete the 2nd or 3rd year. And if you choose to start your Post Graduate Studies you can even migrate to your dream destination.

Imperial College of Business Studies after conducting multiple surveys and thorough research in Sri Lanka, attempts to solve the issue of unemployment through these undergraduate programs. There are almost 95% of our undergraduates in much-secured jobs.