Degree + CIMA after OL's in 1 syllabus
Step into Job Security after OL's
College - Dharmaraja College Kandy

Achintha Dissanayake

"I decided to start my higher education right after my O/L examinations at Imperial College Kandy while carrying on with A/Ls. And to this day, I am so happy that I did because that has allowed me to get through my academics effectively in the quickest time possible. I graduated in the year 2018 with an honors degree from the University of the West of Scotland and soon after, I was able to become a CIMA passed finalist after getting through all the CIMA exams. Currently, I'm engaged in my Masters, studying at ECU here in Perth, Western Australia.

At the age of 22, I am glad to have come across so many achievements in such quick succession!"

Are you after OL's? are you after AL's? Are you a working professional? Do you want to start from where you are right now? Call us, let us guide and help you find the best program that will suit you, to power your aspirations and goals.

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