My "Research" experience at Imperial College of Business Studies

Aadhil Fazal is a past pupil from Trinity College Kandy and his experience with the research in the DEGREE has given him an experience that will be very interesting for you to read.

Research is often deemed to be a nightmare for all the students, just like for me. It indeed is a module that has made students brawl with their minds starting from choosing a topic, writing the proposal, stepping into the 1st chapter and thereafter realizing the disconnectivity between the proposal and the thesis, the battle goes on and on till the deadline forces you to just jump in and complete the thesis without having a penalty enforced on you for a late submission.

My Story of the research was not any different. My topic was from the roots of my curiosity to find out the reasons that influences students to choose their stream of higher education. My reason to choose this topic was due to having encountered many of my friends and colleagues who had different reasons to be sitting in the classroom as mine, hence, the urge to understand the underlying reason for their decisions persuaded me to choose this topic for my final research.

Having mentioned earlier, it was not an easy road down the way. I have argued with myself, my friends, seniors, and lecturers on a healthy note to understand why and what am I doing. Fortunately for us, we were taught the module a semester earlier, and then came the thesis in the following semester. Therefore, we were able to understand what was required from us. Moreover, the assignments that we were required to do at the end semester within each semester, set the stage for the challenge that lay ahead. The details looked in to during the financial analysis or the write up to cover the word count for the enterprise pillar modules. All this only prepared us to see the rainbow after the rain in disguise of the enhancement of the knowledge which in some shape, way or form has helped us navigate our perspective to see details and data from a different angle.

I should not fail to appreciate the support extended by the lecturers, seniors & friends whose shoulders has not failed to support me at times of distress and need.

If I were to pass a message to my juniors despite not being in any eligible position to do so, will be to find the silver lining in the dark cloud, your sincere hard work will pay off.

All the best! May all that you have been dreaming become a reality soon!

Best Regards,

Aadhil Fazal
Batch of September-2019.
Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch

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