MY JOURNEY from Science-Arts-CIMA-Hons Degree in Business & Finance-KPMG-MIS

Though it is the norm of having an ambition fixed since childhood, I was one of those, who never had any particular ambition. Even though I was a mischievous kid at school, I always was able to gain good grades for my academics. I completed the Sri Lankan and Cambridge exams in relation to both O/Ls and A/Ls. I studied in the science stream for my Cambridge A/Ls and did arts for my Sri Lankan A/Ls.

I was able to successfully finish all those examinations with good grades, however, if I were ever asked what was my experience in relation to doing both examinations, I would simply say that those were the two years of my life, where I realized that nothing is impossible with a strong determination. To be honest, my biggest victory in relation to succeeding in both those exams was the fact that I never sacrificed my sleep or entertainment. Since I strongly believe that 24 hours are plenty to get things completed if only we utilize it effectively.

Despite doing science, I chose to study CIMA, mainly because it was one of the qualifications that could provide greater value with lesser cost, additionally, it can act as entry access for various other streams. I started CIMA without even knowing the basic accounting equation and within 2.5 struggling years became a CIMA passed finalist.

During my course of CIMA studies, I had the notion to undertake an academic qualification and have experience in doing assignments to enhance my report writing and referencing skills. However, I was not even ready to commit three years to complete a degree course.

Those were the days I was totally confused as to how to ensure that I complete a degree with less time. Thus, I came across the launching of this program which is a combination of CIMA and a degree. This program offered by Imperial college of business studies came to my life at the right time and I was granted with 2 years exemption for the completion of CIMA Management level, therefore I had to the final year to be graduated the subjects were corresponding to the CIMA strategic level, so during the course of studying in Imperial,I had to do the CIMA strategic level without any repeats from the same teaching.

I gained tremendous knowledge owing to the caring and diligent nature of the lecturers and the staff, which made sure that we were received with the adequate knowledge and facilities to successfully complete both CIMA and the degree on time.

Time is the most valuable resource in this world, and with every passing day, the corporate world dynamically changes making knowledge gathered today obsolete for tomorrow. Thus, rises the importance of continual development. This program ensures that I save more time to consider my next step in my career.

Along with the knowledge I gained from CIMA and the degree I was able to be selected by KPMG and had an insightful one-year experience. Though I had limited understanding about accounting and auditing, the experience I had with CIMA and the degree fuelled my analytical and logical skills, which made my life easier at KPMG. Today, I am in the final semester of my Master's program in information systems in Melbourne. Now, I am pursuing as an IT Business Analyst, though I had no background providing IT evidence.

Based on my journey from studying science-arts-CIMA-degree in business & finance- KPMG-Masters of information systems, I can confidently claim that all this really took was my self-confidence and assurance. However, in addition to my parents and my school, I am immensely grateful to the Imperial College of Business Studies and KPMG who made a massive impact on my life through their value-added mentoring.

All I could say to all the new students is: " You are the hero and the villain of your own story and your mind is the biggest weapon, so compete with your own limits and work on becoming humble by strengthening your accountability, thus you will be able to show the world through actions rather than claiming through words

Naduni Jayasundara
Financial Business Analyst at ZayZoon Australia

CIMA - Exam Complete

BA(Hons) International Business & Finance – University of the West of Scotland

Masters in Information System - CQ University Australia