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“I started with HNB plc and wanted to get my first degree before I'm 22 and now turning 23 I'm a management trainee at the commercial bank of Ceylon

Starting in life wanting to be a lawyer, Chamathka Abeynayake is now a banker. After completing the Undergraduate degree in Kandy at Imperial College, and that too while working at the bank. She has gone onto show her colleagues that nothing is impossible with the right qualifications at hand.

Chamathka had that ambition to go up in the corporate ladder, become a mentor, to become an aspiring leader when she started the Undergraduate degree at Imperial College Kandy at a very young age. She admits to herself that she wasn't the brightest in her batch but she had that perseverance to prove that she could achieve all her goals. Even though Chamathka got selected to local University in Sri Lanka she ended up doing the Undergraduate degree in Kandy at Imperial College.

"I knew that if I rest if I take my time I'll be far behind. I wanted to prove myself that I'm not a failure and show myself a strong vision and striving hard along with focus will get me somewhere."

Chamathka started her journey at Imperial College Kandy with CIMA which was the only place in Kandy to offer the CIMA qualification and joined the 2nd year of the undergraduate degree program at Imperial College Kandy.

The biggest step in my life is completing my 1st degree with imperial college Kandy along with completing 3 years of working experience at the age of 22 which unlocked a surprising opportunity. I've failed so many times more than I've won. There are always difficult times, emotional break downs. It isn't very easy to move on from all these. But at the end of the day, we got to make up our mind thinking that everything's for the greater good. Every difficult time does teach us an important lesson. Learning the lesson and moving on is how I deal with hard times. Seeing the good side of everything.”

She cherishes her journey at the Undergraduate Degree program in Kandy at Imperial College as such in the way that the Degree at Imperial changed her life for the better.

With the inspiration, she received for the Undergraduate degree at Imperial Kandy. She now has the belief and the confidence to go forward with her head held high. "I have a very long way to go, this is just one step. But for the moment yes I'm happy. Yeah, I wanted to get working experience and started with HNB PLC, and wanted to get my first degree before I'm 22 and with the help of Imperial College Kandy I was able to meet my expectations".