Undergraduate Division

Located at the centre of the historic city of Sri Lanka, the campus is located in close proximity to schools and other educational institutions. Just 2 kilometres from the Dalada maligawa (temple of the tooth relic), but a location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The campus is dedicated towards the provision of Undergraduate, professional and degree foundation programmes. Located on a 3 storied premises provides students with plenty of opportunity for recreational activity and library facilities.

Post Graduate Division

Located at the centre of the historic city of Sri Lanka, the campus is located in close proximity to schools and other educational institutions. Just a kilometre from the Dalada maligawa (temple of the tooth relic), and a few metres from the bus deport, the campus is easily accessible. The campus is dedicated towards the provision of Postgraduate programmes and boasts of being the city’s only Active Learning Suite (ALS) and second such facility provided by ICBS. Students are exposed to a truly once in a life time experience.


Both campuses have active student councils that welcome the freshers into the campus and organise events throughout the semester to keep students engaged and ensure that students have a balance between their studies and extra-curricular activities.

Both campuses also provide students with free Wi-Fi access ensuring that they are connected at all times and have access to all online resources including the British library.

The students will gain access to the country’s only fully fledged digital classrooms, which will provide the students a glimpse of the future of education.

The friendly staff at both campuses are always willing to provide any assistance and guidance required by students throughout their journey at ICBS.

ICBS Student Council

The student council at ICBS provide a second level of support to students and also ensure that a balance is maintained between the academic and extracurricular activities. The many clubs provide a sense of relaxation and adventure with students involved in the explorers clubs, rotary clubs and many more. The student councils atboth campuses organise events and activities throughout the year, some of the activities include;

1. Excursions

2. Factory visits

3. Sports days

4. Carnivals

5. Christmas parties

6. Halloween parties

International Students

Colombo is a popular destination for foreign students and the Colombo campus is popular among foreign students due to its close proximity to suitable accommodation, recreational activities and the airport. We understand that choosing to move overseas for your studies can be both exciting and daunting, that’s why our dedicated staff offer plenty of support to ensure you get the most out your studies and prepare you for life after graduation. Our dedicated team help make the transition to student life in our campuses as smooth as possible including, assisting with documentation for immigration and visa purposes.


ICBS offer scholarships to both local and international students based on academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Special scholarships are available to support students faced with financial challenges.

Ruvini Nisansala Yatigammana - Hillwood College Kandy
Methma Kavindi Athauda - Mahamaya Girls College Kandy
Maheshwaran Janushanthan - St.Anthonys’ boys College Kandy
Hakkini Shashikala Manushani - Republican International Nuwara Eliya
Bhagya Madhubhashana Ranasinghe - Trinity College Kandy
Hiruna Sankalpa - St.Sylvesters College Kandy
Mystica Dissanayake - Good Shepherd Convent Kandy

Sports at ICBS

ICBS provides a sports scholarship scheme which offers a range of financial support and academic flexibility to the highest performing students. Students in team ICBS take part in a range of different competitions which include cricket tournaments, basketball competitions, football and futsal tournaments and CIMA and ACCA sports days. A separate intercampus sports day is organised to promote the importance placed on sports at ICBS. Students are actively encouraged by the students council to be involved in some form of sports during their study at ICBS.

CSR Activities

It is compulsory for students at ICBS to be involved in CSR during their period of studies. This has been a proud tradition that has been continued over the past 5 years. The CSR activities involve students identifying a suitable project, carrying out projects to raise funds and implementing the projects under the guidance of the ICBS team. ICBS students are proud winners of the all Island CSR competition ‘hand in hand’ a competition carried out involving all educational institutions, colleges and Universities in the country in 2015.