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Completed AL's in the Biology stream

Completed CIMA & a degree in 1 syllabus

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A message from Navodh to science students - Anything is POSSIBLE if you have the correct mindset.

I take this opportunity to appreciate the support and encouragement received from both the staff and lecturers at Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch, which has always supported us (students) and that cannot be matched to any other institute in Kandy. May it be an extra revision, may it be queries related to modules, Imperial Kandy has always listened to the student’s needs and always organized and supported us when we needed guidance 24/7.

would you like to know Navodh's experience in completing the degree & CIMA in 1 syllabus?

The curriculum of the Degree goes hand in hand, with the CIMA curriculum which made it extremely helpful for me to become both a degree holder and professionally qualified at the same time in just 1 syllabus. For anyone who is looking at getting themselves professionally qualified with a degree in a short time, Imperial College of Business Studies is currently providing a golden opportunity. One of the best experiences I had with the degree program is preparing for the thesis. The point from collecting data to the point of completing the report. The experience and knowledge gained throughout this process have been vastly helpful to me in my professional career. The final thesis was also helpful to the company I studied on, to overcome one of their greatest Challengers.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and the team at Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch for all the guidance and support provided to me to equip myself with both qualifications and the experience I needed to conquer the corporate world. Also, I would like to recommend Imperial College of Business Studies as the best option for anyone who is looking to get themselves qualified academically as well as professionally in a short time period, effectively. The best investment anyone can make.

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Maheshi 076-827-3188


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Girl in a jacket    7 Comments

Girl in a jacket   
    Vishmika Amavi

    June 07 2021 10:46 am

True.. Good job Vish

Girl in a jacket   
    Rasandee Dahamsa

    June 07 2021 12:37 pm

Great work! Highly appreciated. Have a bright future Vish!!!

Girl in a jacket   

    June 07 2021 01:31 pm

Good job

Girl in a jacket   

    June 07 2021 01:36 pm

Wow ! Great job...

Girl in a jacket   
    Chalani Janeesha

    June 07 2021 02:23 pm

Great job Vishmika!

Girl in a jacket   

    June 07 2021 06:28 pm

Great work

Girl in a jacket   

    June 07 2021 09:52 pm

Great work

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