AAT passed finalists, save more than 1.5 Million Rs

BA Hons International Business and Finance degree in just 2 years for AAT passed finalists.

AAT is a leading professional body in the field of accounting with 150,000 members in the world.
As an AAT passed finalist, students are eligible to enroll in the 2nd year of the Imperial College of Business Studies bachelor degree, BA Hons International Business and Finance degree program also giving eligibility to complete two of the largest professional qualifications, ACCA and CIMA within the same degree syllabus.

This is an opportunity for students to multi qualify in 1 syllabus within the same time duration, for almost the same investment which is recognized all over the world.

The degree BA Hons International Business and finance is offered by the University of the west of Scotland which is a state campus that is ranked in the top 3% of universities in the entire world

students will receive direct entry to the 2nd year due to the completion of AAT, allowing the students to complete the 3 years Hons degree program in just 2 years.

keep in mind that you will be saving an amount of 1,895 of sterling pounds (Rs 450,000) from the entire program.

Students can complete both academic qualification ( Hons degree) and two of the largest professional qualifications ( ACCA/ CIMA) in 1 syllabus which will save you an amount of (1.5 million Rs)

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