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ACCA awards different levels for learning partners. Find out what it takes to achieve a GOLD approved learning partner title.

Gold learning partners are required to meet ACCA's global best practice benchmarks relating to the institution and course management, course delivery and student support. Following the approval, Gold learning partners need to demonstrate student pass rates appropriate for this level of approval.

Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch celebrates its 10th year anniversary for the year 2020 with groundbreaking achievements.

The ACCA Qualification is the world's leading accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals - providing students with the skills, knowledge, and values to have successful careers and lead the organizations they work with into the future. Imperial College Kandy is the first institute to offer this qualification in Kandy.

ACCA passed finalists not only gain technical knowledge in accounting and finance but also gain valuable skills in organizational and strategic management. This combination of technical and management skills increases the career prospects of ACCA passed finalists. The ACCA Qualification is recognized all over the world

The ACCA Qualification covers a wide array of components in business management such as

  • Financial management function.

  • Financial management environment.

  • Working capital management.

  • Business finance.

  • Cost of capital.

  • Business valuation.

  • Risk management.

    ACCA is focused on core accounting skills but also covers broader knowledge areas equipping participants with necessary knowledge and skillsets for roles related to financial management, auditing, taxation, business consultancy, and organizational management as well. Some of the job roles for which it prepares a participant includes:

  • Accountant

  • Auditor

  • Tax Management

  • Finance Manager

  • Financial Consultant

    Why Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch for ACCA in the central province of Sri Lanka

    Two reasons why ICBS is famous for ACCA.

    1. The Lecture panel

    Imperial College of Business Studies is powered with experienced lecturers in academics and lecture experience in areas such as taxation, auditing, law, business studies, professional and ethical issues, financial management, financial reporting, and management accounting, but also in bringing industry experience and exposure to the lecture room to bring practical and real-world examples. The lecture panel at Imperial Kandy has been maintaining the quality of delivery for 10 long years.

    lectures are qualified at their extremes of the above-mentioned skills which makes Imperial Kandy the best place in Kandy to study ACCA.


    ACCA has been known to be a professional qualification. At Imperial College of Business Studies, students are able to complete ACCA as well as a degree in 1 syllabus. ICBS in the only institution to provide a DEGREE and ACCA in 1 syllabus which gives students a great advantage

    Students can complete a degree (academic qualification) and ACCA (professional qualification) in 1 syllabus within the same time duration, for almost the same investment.

    1st Time in Sri Lanka to receive a Dual Qualification

    1st time in Sri Lanka that provides an effective path to achieve an academic as well as a professional qualification in a short period which will help for employability not only in Sri Lanka but around the globe

    For more information

    Contact - Shehan Seneviratne
    Center Manager
    Undergraduate / CIMA / ACCA Division
    Mobile: 076-827-3186

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