My journey in music

Isn’t peculiar how the little dreams that approach you at the dead of the night, end up being your life-long endeavor? From childhood’s hour, singing appealed to me as an outlet of expression.
Joining my school’s choir was a decision I am truly grateful for. I would sing as a bass vocalist and I think its safe to say that I excelled in it. As the flame of a candle flickers, my voice trembled at the sight of great crowds yet I didn’t let myself be cowed; with a puffed chest, I kept at it.

There was a certain beauty in restructuring my vocal chords in such a way at will such that it would vibrate in a harmonious tone to another. Then again, I had another little dream. And that was to learn an instrument.

In the year 2016, I was able to acquire a guitar. Quite frankly, I wasn’t a person who fancied teachers and classes and thereby, I subjected myself to my own teaching. With access to practically an infinite amount of information at my fingertips, self-teaching can be quite easy. 

With chapped fingers and painful wrists, I dedicated my time and energy on mastering this beautiful instrument. I’m not hesitant to say that I was committed. I was exceedingly interested in the field of music and therefore naturally indulged in it. With time as I found myself to be comfortable with the guitar, I focused my attention on mastering the piano.

Though the black and white keys may seem simple, the trick is in moving your fingers intricately, exactly to the beat. This time too, I engaged in self-studies; I experimented with the instrument; used the knowledge and experience I’d gained from learning my guitar; watched others proficient in the field showcase their skills and practiced on my own.

It was a long and committed journey; yet, it is definitely something I am truly grateful for. The decisions born out of these little dreams led towards me excelling in this particular skill. I’m thankful for all those who supported me right throughout my journey in music. If you, who is reading this would like to inquire further, please find me on Instagram @kev__022

Kevin Wanigasekara
Gr. 12
St. Joseph’s College

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Girl in a jacket     27 Comments

Girl in a jacket   
    Dilan M

    July 30 2021 12:42 pm

Super stuff malli

Girl in a jacket   
    Methusha Fernando

    July 30 2021 12:56 pm

Good job malla!!

Girl in a jacket   

    July 30 2021 03:49 pm

Great ✌️❤️

Girl in a jacket   
    Sriyamal Fernando

    July 30 2021 07:42 pm

Hi Putha, Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure! Sriyamal (Friend of your loving farther)

Girl in a jacket   

    July 30 2021 08:51 pm

amazing deserved to be title winner

Girl in a jacket   
    Iranga Silva

    July 30 2021 08:52 pm

Waw... Amazing talent you got.....wonderful playing and singing too...One day you will become a best musician for sure.....My warm wishes to young Kevin and good luck for your future music exposure.You got talents by genetically . Congratulations dear... From Iranga Silva....

Girl in a jacket   
    Shanaka De Mel

    July 31 2021 08:22 am

It’s pleasure to hear you sing, never stop chasing your dreams, wish you a happy and wonderful future.

Girl in a jacket   
    Shenelka Perera

    July 31 2021 09:13 am

Wow superb

Girl in a jacket   
    Thinal Kenula

    July 31 2021 09:22 am

Wow............ Thats great

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 09:23 am

Great he is very talented, he did all these by his own capabilities, God gifted talents, wish him all the very best for his future music carrier.

Girl in a jacket   
    Surendra Mahesh Fernando

    July 31 2021 09:45 am

Wish you all the best son

Girl in a jacket   
    Hasitha Perera

    July 31 2021 09:45 am

All the best Kevin...!!!

Girl in a jacket   
    Sheran Perera

    July 31 2021 10:19 am


Girl in a jacket   
    Lakshantha de silva

    July 31 2021 10:24 am

Wish you all the best son.

Girl in a jacket   
    Iranga Cooray

    July 31 2021 10:36 am

All the best

Girl in a jacket   
    Iranga Cooray

    July 31 2021 10:37 am

All the best

Girl in a jacket   
    Iranga Cooray

    July 31 2021 10:38 am

All the best

Girl in a jacket   
    Shavantha Katugampalage

    July 31 2021 11:26 am

All the very best putha!

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 11:53 am

Great ..Good luck for the future

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 12:11 pm

Exactly right . KEEP IT UP man. You have such a great talent to deal with your guitar. Sing 70s 80s from your blessed voice such a brilliant voice that I have ever heard. Good luck . Thank you. Lio

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 02:04 pm

Very sound !wonderful talent. All the best !

Girl in a jacket   
    Damthi Fernando

    July 31 2021 04:22 pm

Excellent Kevin

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 04:39 pm

Great, he is very talented boy, he has his own capabilities, he learn music by himself. God gifted talents, wish him all all the very best for his future music carrier.

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 05:36 pm


Girl in a jacket   
    Dinesh Seneviratne

    July 31 2021 05:41 pm

All the best!

Girl in a jacket   

    August 01 2021 04:15 pm

Good luck

Girl in a jacket   
    Asanka Peiris

    August 01 2021 08:30 pm

Lovely **