A picture is worth a hundred words

They say a picture is worth a hundred words. But how many words is a memory worth? As the day crumbles into the night and wind blows our world away to dust, what we are left with are just simple, little memories.

On our deathbed, as our hearts wither away into oblivion and a veil of dusk falls upon our souls, we carry not the things we’ve acquired throughout our span of life, but only the memories we’ve made.

As many others, I presume, I found myself indulged in photography after joining the Media Unit of our college. Moments are like the wind, they come and go; you can try catching it but you’ll only hold onto it for a while; and just like that, gone. What I define as a solid, flawless photograph is a picture captured at the perfect moment. And I really cannot fathom putting into words what that ‘perfect moment’ feels like. Its just a feeling.

I make sure to spend my time on editing just as much as I spend my time on photography; this enables me to see my mistakes on a bigger screen and in turn, know what to avoid in my next capture. As for my equipment, I prefer working with a beginner’s kit as I’m someone who believes that perfection comes from the creativity of a photographer, rather than the equipment. My camera is a Canon, a brand I highly prefer due to its simplicity and elegance and my choice for editing software is the Adobe family.

Majority of my experiences and recognition came after making myself a part of the Interact District Media crew which was a very friendly and simultaneously professional group of individuals. Having fun whilst engaging in my craft is something I greatly value. I believe those who enjoy what they do will naturally excel in it.

And although I pursue photography as a hobby now, I hope to perhaps make it my career as it is something I genuinely value and care about. If you, who is reading this would like to inquire further, please find me on Instagram @lakruwan.fonia

Lakruwan Fonseka
Gr. 12
St. Joseph’s College

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