NATIONAL ATHLETES, Don't miss this opportunity!

Janidu Himsara was awarded the prestigious sports scholarship offered by the University of the west of Scotland, Janidu a National Cricket player who was awarded the Man of the Match against the Malaysian National Cricket Team.

Currently reading the BA (Hons) international business and finance degree program at Imperial College of business studies in affiliation with the University of the west of Scotland, a government university that is ranked in the top 3% in the entire world.

A degree program that allows students to complete an academic qualification and a professional qualification within the same time duration by granting several exemptions for 11 other qualifications. The main goal of Imperial College of Business Studies is to produce workable employers and not just graduates with dual/multi qualifications. Completing a professional qualification along with an academic qualification allows a student to expand their current knowledge which is vital for the job market.

Janidu has also been able to represent the first fifteen rugby teams for 4 years (2015 – 2018) and was awarded college Rugby Colours. Imperial College of Business Studies in association with the University of the West of Scotland is proud of St. Anthony’s College Kandy in producing competitive athletes to Sri Lanka in the nature of Janidu Himsara.

If you think that this opportunity is for you contact Imperial College of business studies and we will guide you with further details on how to pursue a degree along with your passion for sports.

For more information Contact 076-618-6736

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