“One snap is all it takes.” Let us be safe online.

Social media is a double-edged sword that needs to be always used wisely, as it is not always the reality. Due to the rapid growth in social media, cyberbullying has become an ongoing crisis and 38% of individuals are cyberbullied on social media daily. It is vital to know how to use social media wisely in order to steer clear from them.

Everything you post online is a footprint.

It might be a snap, story, or a post, every piece of media as soon as you hit the post/send button creates a footprint of yourself online. It can include a good deal of sensitive information. Behavioral patterns, lifestyle, whereabouts, people who you hang around with and much more valuable information to a bully. Making them unlinked to each other, not using locations and timestamps, not posting as soon as it has been taken, not publishing about your insecurities and emotions, are steps that can be taken to minimize your social footprint.

Fakes, Fakes
The process of making a replica of a single or a combination of many identities has become a simple process due to people not being aware of their digital footprint. Fakes are getting better day by day, spotting them unless you are a vigilant individual has become a tedious task. No comment interactions are a key giveaway in fake accounts and are the hardest to replicate. It is a red flag to watch out for to avoid getting exploited.

Trust Nobody
No matter how close you are to any person, trust is something that you should always doubt about. Sharing content that will impact negatively on your life over the internet is not the wisest move. It might not be always the same person behind that account. Paying attention to everybody’s texting patterns is vital as it can be a lifesaver in the long run. Technology is not flawless; your bully can be in disguise as a loved one.

A press of a button can ruin your whole life in a matter of seconds, taking a second to think will spare you a second chance.

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Girl in a jacket   

    June 07 2021 01:25 pm


Girl in a jacket   
    Harini Wickremasekera

    June 07 2021 01:41 pm

Well written.

Girl in a jacket   
    Angeline Weerasinghe

    June 07 2021 01:42 pm

Excellent! It"s really a timely subject which is helpful to everyone. Keep up the good work.

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    June 07 2021 01:44 pm

Well done putha !

Girl in a jacket   
    Asini Nisakya

    June 07 2021 02:49 pm

"A PRESS OF A BUTTON CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE".............This is the most fab line which I clung because It is so true for every single student who has been over addicted to social media while studying. Due to this epidemic situation, we had to do our education online. But we did not know exactly the other consequences of using these regularly. So thank you so much for doing such a special awareness event at a time like this.

Girl in a jacket   
    Devani Jayasinghe

    June 07 2021 02:59 pm

More and more awareness is neccessary to minimize cyberbullying. Well written

Girl in a jacket   
    Devani Jayasinghe

    June 07 2021 02:59 pm

More and more awareness is neccessary to minimize cyberbullying. Well written

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    June 07 2021 03:30 pm

Good and effective presentation

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    Manaal Mubarak

    June 07 2021 03:37 pm

The title on its own is very eye-catching. Marvelous work.

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    June 07 2021 04:11 pm

Good effort

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    June 07 2021 05:28 pm

Nicely written.. Keep up the good work putha

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well done!

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    June 07 2021 07:25 pm

Good piece of writing on a current topic. Blessing s for more creative writing in future too...

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    June 07 2021 07:48 pm

Congratulations puttha.Good job done.keep up your work.

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    Shanth Imbulahena

    June 07 2021 08:20 pm

Wow very interesting topic that everyone should be aware of at present due to the high usage of internet...great work, best wishes dear Vinuk putha, keep it up

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    Thejini Perera

    June 07 2021 08:21 pm

Great work.. Keep up the good work

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    Champika Hanangalaarachchi

    June 07 2021 11:18 pm

Well said putha, clearly stated Good job ,best wishes

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    June 08 2021 07:52 am

Well written putha... very interesting

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    Srimathie Guniyan Godage

    June 08 2021 09:21 am

Thoughtful content

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    Rashini Kobbakaduwa

    June 08 2021 11:39 am

Superb article

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    June 08 2021 05:49 pm

Well done Vinuk

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    Piyanga Rupasinghe

    June 08 2021 07:15 pm

Nicely written putha. Congratulations

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    Nandana wimalarathna

    June 08 2021 07:35 pm

Well done putha

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    June 08 2021 07:58 pm

Great article. Keep it up. Good luck!

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Keep it up your good work

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Valuable a very important project

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Nice and also good article.❤️ keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

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    June 17 2021 08:52 pm

Well written..

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Well done.

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    Anuradha Perera

    June 17 2021 09:37 pm

Well written for a timeliness topic. Good effort. Keep it up...