Ruvini's thoughts about adapting to online learning at IMPERIAL / Post covid 19

Hi I'm Ruvini Yatigammana a past student from Hillwood College Kandy and I am studying the BA global business degree at Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch

The degree which I am following is specially structured for the working professionals to complete their academic qualifications despite the busy working schedules.   During the current semester with the ongoing corona pandemic, honestly, I was worried because I didn't want to pause my studies for another time period because time is very precious for me.

Imperial College Kandy Branch didn't let me down. Imperial College overcome the corona barrier and acted very cleverly. And also Imperial knew as I and many students were working professionals that we were engaged with work online at home and bringing forward a degree workload at a stressful time period like this, was very well managed by Imperial College Kandy.

And here I am very happy to say we are doing our online lectures through an LMS and it helps me to have a smooth flow in our degree. Being very honest the LMS(learning management system) platform is very user friendly getting things started and mainly getting used to the platform from the point of registering and getting along with the sessions that are related to me. from notes, assignments, and everything related to my degree is placed in a very user-friendly manner. Imperial College Kandy kept the facility of weekend classes even with online lectures which are very convenient for us to attend while working on weekdays.

Another important fact that I coincidentally had to face was since I progressed to the second-semester, subjects were very challenging and getting used to the post COVID work environment with the online lecturers  at Imperial College Kandy worried me a bit

But the lectures never let us down and blended with the new normal of post-COVID and took up online delivery to match expectations we had as students. Lectures were ready to answer any problems we had just like one to one physical class during a session, I appreciate the prompt responses from the lectures to bring us relief.

I am very satisfied with my decision to select Imperial College Kandy for my education because Imperial has adapted to change in an urgent manner without compromising educational standards through this global pandemic.

Thank you, Imperial College Kandy

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Maheshi 076-827-3188

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Girl in a jacket    3 Comments

Girl in a jacket   

    June 19 2021 10:43 am

Loving both the article and the drawings!! Amazing work! Keep it up

Girl in a jacket   
    Kesara Rathnasiri

    June 19 2021 12:12 pm

Great work;)

Girl in a jacket   
    Mahesh Chathuranga

    June 19 2021 04:52 pm

So pleased to see you accomplishing great things. Well done.