Some goodbyes are forever...

Remember the guy who cracks jokes all the time in your class? Remember the girl who you make fun of just to entertain the crowd? Remember your friend who always sleeps at class? (Or just pretends to do so) your neighbor who always greets you with a smile in the mornings? That security uncle who is always pleased to welcome you?

Do you think that they are actually happy inside? ...

As per a research, 264 million people of all ages all around the world are suffering from depression. Am I one of them? I might be... But am I seen sad all the time? Not at all… maybe I am too scared to voice out... maybe I’m too shy to talk to people... Maybe I’m freaked out by my past experiences, maybe I’m not comfortable… but still, I smile whenever I see people. I try my best to show myself enjoying the day, I try my best to accept and take all the things you throw at me to just entertain the rest.

Is it just me? Am I the only one suffering inside? Am I the only one who has got social anxiety? Am I only one scared to voice out? Or am I the only one who gets judged all the time?

Did I research about this to see if I’m the only one? Yes I did! And you know what? It’s just not me… and this makes me feel much better, much much better to know there are people who stand with me, and so am I.

I would like to explain myself or I should say most of our experiences on this since we are anyways not going to speak out, the guy who cracks jokes all the time was the guy who always felt lonely, the girl who just took everything you threw at her, was the girl who was offended too much, tried to voice out, but anyways was not took serious, your friend who always slept at class was having too much going through his head just because he was not too comfortable, your neighbor who always smiles at you wants you to get that attention that they’ve almost never got and doesn’t want you to feel the same, and finally that security uncle who warmly welcomes you might be going through family issues or even shortage of cash to pay his daughters school fees. You never know!

Before laughing at someone, before calling them names, before mocking them, before showing attitudes, before spreading rumors, before talking behind their back, before betraying… put yourself on that place, are you happy to be there? Are you feeling the way you feel now? Are you comfortable around ‘The you’ who did the same to others?

Writing this for you to read, I am not too comfortable, but this should be voiced out.

I cried so hard last night, walked out of my room this morning singing, dancing, with a cup of coffee... no one could tell I cried so hard last night or even my heart was heavy. I use to smile but am I smiling? Or are “we” smiling? I share everything with my best friend... But am I sharing ‘everything’? or would she care if I do? It is a joke, it is something that is so small that you are exaggerating… but you are the one experiencing it... You are the one carrying it all and your feelings matter!

You never know who feels how and when… your smile, your kind words, your support, or even your simple gesture might save another day for them. Whenever you talk to someone you should remember that no one’s life is permanent and you can do nothing to give them an extra day! An extra hour or even an extra minute! So think before you do anything to anyone because,


-Shadhurshini Dushanthan-

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Girl in a jacket     1 Comments

Girl in a jacket   

    June 11 2021 01:43 am

So proud