Tehana - Represented Sri Lanka / undergraduate @ Imperial /facing AL exams - 2020

At the age of 18, Tehana has Represented Sri Lanka for Table Tennis - Is an undergraduate at Imperial Kandy - Ready to face her A/L's in 2020

A story from Mahamaya College Kandy

I’m Ochini Tehana Dissanayake. I’m currently going through my Advanced level in Commerce stream at Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy. I’m also a 2nd YEAR student of the BA (Hons) International Business & Finance Degree offered at Imperial College of business studies in association with the University of the West of Scotland which is ranked in the top 3% of universities in the entire world.

Apart from preparing for my final and biggest exam in my school years, which is my A/L exam in 2020, and my undergraduate studies at Imperial Kandy simultaneously; my passion, dedication, and commitment towards my sport, table tennis has been a rewarding journey for me.

Having such an active & busy life at school, you must be wondering how I got to know about Imperial College Kandy.  After I completed my O/L examination I wanted to pursue a qualification that also falls in line with my A/L studies. I visited many institutes and got an understanding of the available qualifications. And I understood, out of all the institutes that I visited the most productive & efficient degree program was at Imperial College of Business Studies Kandy Branch.

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