The body you hate... loves you!

In the world I’m “surviving” today, “We” see a lot of bodies, walking, talking, smiling, crying, and of course struggling to be the perfect body every wants to be friends with, be in a relationship with just to show the world that they look good together. The walking, talking, smiling part can be faked for the world to see, but the crying and the struggling part is real, is hard, is tiring, is sometimes killing.

“Omg! Look how thin you are, how fat you are, why are you so tall, you are too short, the pimples you got is disgusting! That scar on your left check is so gross, you would look great if you lose weight maybe, gain some weight dude, you are just nothing! You are ugly! You are a disappointment! You are not enough! You are not worth it! You are too big for me! Blah… blah... and more blaahhss… you know what? This is not going to stop anyways! Then why should it stop you from doing what you love or the way you look already.

Every time I hear all these words all I want to say is to mind your own business but in a nicer way, but my insecurities won’t let me to. Yes, I’ve been in most of the situations I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been called fat, sometimes “chubby”, named the ‘big girl’ in class, and I know most of us had been through this and if you are one, just to let you know I am proud of you!. Some of us have cried so hard, refused to go to the same place with the same crowd again, been hurt, and definitely hate ourselves. Hate the way we look, hate the way we smile, hate the way we walk, hate the way we talk, hate the way we exist.

The more interesting part is that, the girl once called you names , is now posting all over her stories supporting anti- bullying, promoting body positivity and what not. Social media has become a really big part of our lives now! We tend to see all these Victoria secret models and want to get their “bodies”, and forget ours! Your body is your strength. You are not them and that is your superpower! The body you’ve got is what makes you get up and keep you going and has always been, it is for sure giving you the best it could ever give every day! What are we giving to it in return?

Spreading so much of negativity to yourself and sparking all the way you go doesn’t make you “the cool one”. We should learn to spread positivity to our bodies first, and then think about sparking outside!. Faking ourselves for the real world is the reason for us suffering inside. Talking to yourself a few minutes appreciating it might take you a long way than you expected. Eat what you feel like eating, move according to your mood, smile like you don’t care, and definitely love yourself like no other, because, you are living your life in your body and not those criticizers who shamelessly shame you thinking themselves as they are perfect . You might be perfect on the outside! But what’s inside?

If you’ve gone through all these, and still trying to survive with what you’ve got? You are already a winner! You are loved and appreciated!

“Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and to know you are enough!”

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Girl in a jacket   

    June 11 2021 12:15 pm

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Girl in a jacket   

    June 13 2021 11:18 pm

Love this