MBA! Is it Important?

An MBA, Is an MBA important? Why is it important? What benefits do an employee receive under the possession of an MBA?
All these questions rise up right after you complete your degree or professional qualification. Yes, an MBA is important and this why. An MBA is a management education program that mainly aims to deepen and broaden one's existing knowledge in a way that it can be put back into practice. Simply put – it is not about studying theorems, definitions, and multipage textbooks, but about improving practical skills.

Why does the MBA at Imperial College take a special place?
The answer is very simple, Imperial College of Business Studies affiliated with University of the West of the Scotland (UWS), a State funded university in the UK, Globally recognized as one of the top 3% best universities in the world is highly recognized and authorized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka has teamed up to offer one of the best not only in the Island but also in the world. Imperial College of Business Studies, being the Premier Learning Provider for CIMA, is the only affiliated partner in Sri Lanka to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees from UWS. The internationally recognised programme has been redesigned to reflect the evolving nature of business and the global challenges facing business leaders. While a student you will develop your Strategic analytical skills, Business intuition and Adaptive thinking. Essential core business knowledge and understanding is provided, alongside a strong emphasis on developing the applied managerial skills vital for effective business leaders. Upon graduation you will be able to effectively respond to unpredictable challenges in globally competitive business environments. Also the Imperial College lecture panel consists of 6 CEO's of different well known companies in the Island to solidify the effect and value the Imperial MBA holds to it's achiever.

What does an MBA focus on?
An MBA focuses on a lot of soft skills,focuses around team building, leadership and business strategy. You will learn the people skills of management such as how to manage, how to communicate effectively, people managing skills and most importantly how to lead. AN MBA also focuses on management skills that are both integrative and strategic, gaining a deeper understanding of organizations and their local and global context. Graduates then enter their professional endeavors with confidence, integrity and accountability. Faculty and colleagues within the MBA program will become valuable business contacts and life-long friends. On top of all that you are likely to have a newfound confidence.

What benefits does taking the MBA at Imperial provide?
This is arguably the most interactive Post Graduate Programme offered in the country.

You get amazing value for money upon receiving the qualification because of it being from a high ranking business school (72nd for Management & Business Studies and 47th for Accounting and Finance)

A student has the opportunity for Flexible Class schedules and Lectures assistance to accommodate your busy work schedule.

An Inspiring, Highly Qualified team of Lecturers to assist you to excel in your MBA path.

And upon completion you receive direct Student Membership in UWS and Graduation will be completed in UWS UK. This can be accommodated according to the choice of the student whether it will be in Sri Lanka or in the United Kingdom.

Amazingly a total of 180 Credits will be received on completion of the MBA, that is transferable to any University worldwide.

You also will have Global Recognition and Approval for Migration and Visa (Australia /Canada/New Zealand/Tanzania/United Kingdom)

ALS Facility - Active Learning Suite as our facilities are unique and completely different to others given that we welcome Digital Learning Experience at Imperial College for the first time in Sri Lanka

Upon completion of the MBA you will be eligible to be fast tracked to the case study in CIMA Managerial level.

What entry qualifications does the MBA at Imperial require?

The Candidates satisfying ANY one of the following requirements are eligible to study the MBA at Imperial.

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognised University

A fully completed professional qualification

Part qualification of any professional qualification, equivalent to an Advanced Diploma accompanied by 2 to 3 years work experience OR 5 years of work experience of which, a minimum of 3 years to be demonstrated at a supervisory level.

Any other qualification, subject to verification and approval by the University.

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