An Eye Through The Scope

Soft-licked flicker swaying lightly in the breeze of my breath. Muted glow, battling against the night. The Hue of the flame dancing in my eyes. 

Who knew there was so much elegance in an ember to be doused? 

The flame flickers faster; my heart beats faster. Another fleeting cloud was to be lost. I reached. One click. First click. The flame is now safely stored away in the gallery. But, my hands don’t stop trembling.Since then, I began relishing in selfies and the interest over Snapchat seemed to grow rapidly. It grew too rapidly, that nothing was enough. 

The ache was worsening. The ache in my fingers. The ache in my palms. My hands yearned to trace patterns on a fogged-up lens, to cock up the camera at a 45 degree angle and see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

My hands yearned for a Nikon.

The sky blushes a breathtaking blend of cobalt and rogue, stripped away from the blue and black. Excitement courses through my veins. 


The sky was in pretty colors. The urge to get better overpowered me and I resorted to youtube. Everytime I learnt something new, the trembling of my hands reduced. 
And as I frolic through fields of wild flowers with butterflies and bees, I realized that photography was going to be my art.

City Lights from a high rise, evening drives, denim jackets and impulse shopping. Street style never fails to impress me. Pictures of the architecture, pictures of nature, pictures of best friends and numerous polaroids hang on my bedroom wall. Every time I looked at them an unwanted nostalgia spiraled, and I realized that no moment will be lost to me.

When the neon disco light hits just right, when the glossy makeup turns into a windswept painting of foggy stars, when confetti adds color to your hair, I discover another one of my fortes. Event Photography.

The blinding light engulfs my retinas. My hands were no longer trembling. And no moment was ever lost to me. As I look through the lens time and time again, the world became the prettiest of sculptures through the kaleidoscope of freezing ice.

Do check out my instagram page if you are interested in my works.

Imra Imthiyaz
Grade 11

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Girl in a jacket     9 Comments

Girl in a jacket   

    July 27 2021 11:34 am

Best photographer I ever knew. Love your photography. Hope to see you win this competition. Best of luck Imra.

Girl in a jacket   
    Akash Anthony

    July 27 2021 01:52 pm

Good read. All the best

Girl in a jacket   
    Lakshika Sutharsan

    July 27 2021 02:07 pm

The sceneries that you took are absolutely beautiful!

Girl in a jacket   

    July 27 2021 02:38 pm

Amazing IMRA ! I love it♥️

Girl in a jacket   
    Manoda Mohotti

    July 27 2021 04:48 pm

Great captures

Girl in a jacket   

    July 29 2021 07:18 pm

Dayymmmm imraaaaaaaaaaaa

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 03:06 pm

Beautiful captures

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 04:59 pm


Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 05:17 pm

It’s really awesome and wonderful thank you that

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