Children to win over Global Education

"You see, we'll never be able to compete in the 21st century unless we have an education system that doesn't quit on children, an education system that raises standards, and an education that makes sure there's excellence in every classroom"

Many countries around the globe are experiencing and apprehending what former American president George W.Bush said back then. Countries like Singapore and Korea, which were economically lower than our country during the independence period, had gone a long way today passing us and have a stable economy far better than ours.
The major reason for the development in such countries is because it is only by continuous modernization and development of goods and services. Learning new things every day and executing them can incorporate them into our lives. The world of humans is now being replaced by modern science and technology such as robotic technology and artificial intelligence, which will cause a huge impact on the industrial world, creating a threat to traditional employment. The world is becoming competitive day by day; to go forward we should have the ability to acquire knowledge. Regardless of winning the world at least to sustain it is prominent that we as the future of Sri Lanka educate ourselves and others about modern science and technology. We will need to change our habitual skills and match the advanced world.

The education system of Sri Lanka is an examination-oriented system. Traditional theoretical teaching methods are prioritized rather than implementing students into practical sessions. Traditional teaching methods exist for thousands of nurture, but in this case, most of the students are pushed into frustration, which tends to lose interest. Though many countries let go of traditional education methods to bring the maximum out of the future generation, we still stick to the same. For example, Finland has been identified as a country that has the best education system because Finns practice a very flexible method of education from kindergarten all the way through to higher education.

To the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, we become humans only through education. Education is essential, just like air and food. Many countries consider education as an investment because they comprehend that establishing knowledge and education is the way to the sustainable development of the country. Education is a basic human right and investing in the early years is one of the smartest things we can do to eradicate poverty, boost economic growth and achieve better gender equality.

In developed countries the children from younger days are exposed to a quality education, involved with education exposed to the environment, improve their language, abilities in sports and creativity furthermore children are thought to love and protect nature meanwhile in view of the students in our country will have to spend his primary education with the only focus of getting through the grade 5 scholarship exams and the next five to six years on his ordinary/advanced level examinations, which will make no opportunities for the child to take part in neither sports nor extra-curricular activities. Most of the children undergo mental and physical pressure and finally, as required by the parents, they face the exam.

But, with the prevailing education system, have children a way forward in the current competitive world of knowledge?

By: F.amrah


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