CIMA is the world's largest professional body of management accountants which offers the most relevant management accounting and finance qualification for business. CIMA helps individuals and businesses to succeed by harnessing the full power and wisdom of management accounting not just accounting for the balance sheet, but accounting for business and is one of the world’s leading and largest professional body of management accountants.

Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS ) has been one of the pioneers of CIMA course providers. ICBS branches are spread in India and Sri Lanka . ICBS is the first and only college in South-East Asia, the Middle East and so on, to achieve the CIMA Learning Premium Quality Partner Status for two branches, Kandy and Colombo. ICBS is the only real CIMA training partner where permission has been given to train the Armed forces and CFO’s in Professional qualifications. ICBS Kandy Branch , with the experience of 10 years now is considered as the best institute for CIMA undoubtedly. The Imperial College Kandy is also the only institute to provide CIMA library facilities to its students making Imperial College Kandy the go to place in Kandy for CIMA.

CIMA is also a Professional Qualification which continues to bridge the skills gap of newly qualified finance professionals worldwide, meeting the employability needs of both business and people . In an increasingly digital world it is imperative that finance professionals not only possess sound technical accounting and finance skills, but can also understand how digitalisation and rapid changes in technology are creating challenges, and opportunities for organisations. CIMA has four stages and normally takes around 3 years to complete. The first stage of CIMA is the certificate level where the foundation is being laid for the next three levels of CIMA. In the completion of the four certificate level CIMA exams the students progress to the operational level. The Operational level of CIMA focuses on the short term and the implementation of decisions. Candidates will be able to work with others in the organisation and use appropriate data and technology to translate medium term decisions into short term actionable plans. Three exams and a case study is focussed on each CIMA level hence forward the certificate level. Students will all face online exams in three subjects and after the completion a case study to complete a CIMA level. After the Operational level comes the Management level in CIMA.The Management level of CIMA focuses on translating long term decisions into medium term plans. Candidates will be able to use data and relevant technology to manage organisational and individual performance, allocate resources to implement decisions; monitor and report implementation of decisions; as well as prepare and interpret financial statements to show performance. The last of CIMA, the Strategic level focuses on long term strategic decision making. Candidates will be able to support organisational leaders to craft strategy; evaluate and manage risks that might prevent organisations from successfully implementing strategy; value organisations ; and source financial resources required to implement strategy.

Imperial College of Business Studies, through their market research has identified that CIMA has a high demand in Sri Lanka and hence has opted to go with CIMA providing classes although ICBS also provides an exclusive degree offered by the public university in Scotland , University of the West of Scotland (UWS ) which gives students the opportunity to graduate in International Business & Finance along with the CIMA qualification and also 10 other professional qualifications for almost the same investment and duration. ICBS students hence receive maximum exemptions ( 11 exams out of 16 ) when they complete the 2nd year of the degree and they will only have 5 exams to complete CIMA. Through this, they will obtain a professional qualification and an academic qualification in just 1 syllabus which is financially beneficial as well time saving, because it eases pressure of sitting for two qualifications at the same time.

The degree program focuses on two major skill sets, academic as well as the practical aspects since the degree has been structured along with one of the largest professional bodies in the world CIMA. Making Imperial College of Business Studiers the go to place for CIMA and a world recognised Degree in Business , Accounting and Finance yain Sri Lanka.

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