Could you imagine the gloomy mist our world would spiral into if all the arts were to be erased from existence? If all that plays as an antidote for the emptiness of life; music, paintings, poetry, photography, cinematography were to perish from our world, how dull would it be?

Creative Hub is a platform that promises to cultivate and provide recognition to those who hold qualities of creativity within themselves.

We focus on shedding a bit of light to those who deserve it; to our young boys and girls who have so many precious talents. Artists, poets, photographers, singers, etc.

We serve as a base for their recognition and a doorway to their success.

Poetry - a stimulating hobby

Sometimes, and quite often that is, we fail to see the goodness in the little things. I’ve come across a plethora of people complaining about lockdown

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Music to me is a language

I stumbled across what I now consider to be a strong passion of mine and that is, playing the Ukulele, in the late months of 2019. On my birthday,

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Watching the sunlight pour in through the windows.. Warm orange kisses and heaving golden sighs
I sit at the kitchen table.

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A Mind of a Poet

A woman is not someone equal to a man. Instead, a woman is someone whose power of will and mind far supersedes the will of a man. They should be treated with reverence.

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Freezing Time

I started Photography after joining the media unit of our school. I still remember filling the form and not understanding most of the questions in it

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Nature - a Veil of Mystery

Nature is like a veil of mystery; almost impossible to unravel. Constantly in change and churn; stubbornly angry at times and adorably kind at others.

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Different eyes

Not everyone sees the world in the same way, some people look at the night sky and think of it as beautiful,

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