Could you imagine the gloomy mist our world would spiral into if all the arts were to be erased from existence? If all that plays as an antidote for the emptiness of life; music, paintings, poetry, photography, cinematography were to perish from our world, how dull would it be?

Creative Hub is a platform that promises to cultivate and provide recognition to those who hold qualities of creativity within themselves.

We focus on shedding a bit of light to those who deserve it; to our young boys and girls who have so many precious talents. Artists, poets, photographers, singers, etc.

We serve as a base for their recognition and a doorway to their success.

The Accomplice

Scrambling to delay the inevitable I’ll cling to the edge of your shirt All my cards are on the table So go ahead, make me hurt

When you tell me soon, that it is her you want I’ll lovingly wash the blood off your hands Willing accomplice as you kill my soul Bury me, while by your side she stands.

By: Udeshi Silva

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The Patriarchal Society

In general, promoting gender equality requires a multifaceted approach that involves education, legal reform, economic empowerment, and cultural change. By implementing these solutions, patriarchal societies can move towards greater equality and justice for all.
In a termination, a patriarchal society is a system that is characterized by the dominance of men in positions of power and authority. It is a system that objectifies women, reinforces gender roles, and restricts the opportunities available to women. The negative effects of a patriarchal society on women are numerous and include discrimination, violence, and limited opportunities. It is important for society to recognize and challenge these patriarchal systems in order to create a more equitable and just society for all.

Transcribed by: Hafsa Rizvi

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

“Hmmm. Has he confessed?”
“Erm… He insists that he has no idea what has happened. He admits having no recollection whatsoever of the events leading up to the murder after leaving the previous crime scene at eleven a.m. today.”
He continues, “But his prints match, no signs of foul play.”
“He won’t be able to dig himself out of this then. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” She exclaims mockingly, “The hunter has become the hunted.”

By Nethmi Marcus

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Surviving an Earthquake

Keep up to date on earthquake threats in your area and be ready to act if necessary.

Practice earthquake drills with your family to protect yourself in the case of an earthquake.

Remember that earthquakes can occur anywhere and at any moment, so be prepared and know what to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

By Asna 

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To My Beloved

Therefore, in love do I close your eyes,
Your sighs I stop from escaping you,
Your heart do I stop from its gentle rhythm,
But always remember,
Never hold me in hate,
For I only wished for you to be mine and mine alone.

By Nethmi Marcus

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The Effect of AI for the future of technology

In conclusion, while it is difficult to predict the full impact of AI technologies on the ICT sector, there is no doubt that they will play a significant role in shaping the future of communication and information access. As with any new technology, it's important to approach AI with caution and consider the potential ethical implications. That way, we can ensure that AI benefits society as a whole, rather than a select few. 

By: Nisira Koswatta

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Make It Count

If fate exists tell me now
How will this end?
So that I won't have to keep more hope
Fear of if one gets sick
How will we pay?
Fear of if we don't have any to eat
How will they live?
And still, here we are, trying to make this count

By: Thusathmi Sapumanage

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Are Colours alive ?

I will be blind from the world,
Many creatures would torcher me.
I see all the colors,
How they are supportive and sometimes wild for me,
The powerful colors that illuminate also devastate,
Even cotton can make your nose runny also it might be soft for you,
Everything has two aspects,
Both are significant,
It can rebirth into many forms!

By: Hafsa Rizvi

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Gender Equality For Everyone

So, help us gain gender equality. It is not a thing to be planted or to be produced. It is a social and a psychological revolution .so we need everyone's help. Help by just being who you are. Help by helping others to be themselves .At the end of the day what is important is not whether you are a male, a female or a bisexual, it the human being inside you. So, I request you all rise up for a better tomorrow, rise up for the most important concept of the century; “Gender Equality.”

By: Tathislu Wijayapala

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She is the lady who taught me
How to love
It’s her who told me I’m a dove
Not a hawk
Which blistered me
Throughout my life

By: Ihshana Begum

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Jar Of Water

This is your front row seat
See me in the luxury sweat
Thank you for all you did
For without you I would've been,
A jar of water without my power.

By : Thusathmi Sapumanage

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Never Left

I made her jealous. I made her cry.
Sometimes she didn’t know why. It was just my ego and skepticism,
That made me almost think I lost her.
But there she is again standing right there as if she had never left.

By: Neja Jayasundara 

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