Could you imagine the gloomy mist our world would spiral into if all the arts were to be erased from existence? If all that plays as an antidote for the emptiness of life; music, paintings, poetry, photography, cinematography were to perish from our world, how dull would it be?

Creative Hub is a platform that promises to cultivate and provide recognition to those who hold qualities of creativity within themselves.

We focus on shedding a bit of light to those who deserve it; to our young boys and girls who have so many precious talents. Artists, poets, photographers, singers, etc.

We serve as a base for their recognition and a doorway to their success.

Pull out your hobby

Hobbies are no harm. They support you both physically and mentally, guide you and reflect you. Therefore, continue executing your hobby. If not try pursuing something that interests you more; the 21st Century has a lot of opportunities coming our way!

By : Neja Jayasundara

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Life from Mars

I read through it, and my memory was restored which was hidden for the rest of my life. Anyway no one would understand me since they didn’t see the creature. I took hold of the leftover water and I poured it onto a seed which germinated into a nutritious plant filled with water.


By : Neja Jayasundara

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Night Hawk

God, hey it's me again
It’s been a while but I regret
Please take me back in time to when
I slept at night and woke by day.

By :  Vihangi Methna 

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Money and Success

Don't let your achievements define you. Instead let it remind you of how far you've come and be proud of that. 
Think smart and do accordingly. When you speak, be realistic. It's as simple as that. The way you control your thoughts, words and actions are what define you as a person.
One day you will leave behind all that you have achieved. All except your dignity and your example. 

 By: Vihangi Methna

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The Haunted World

I moved myself by learning that,
You must fight alone,
You must fight alone.
Alone in the dark,
Alone in the world.
Moved on!

By: M R Hafsa

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 It contains all my details, and a bank book of my dad's. He said it's the money he saved up from work for me. I love him, but I can't be a prisoner in my own house. I have nowhere to go. I don't want my mother after what she's done. My father looked after me. He's been in pain for all these years. But do I deserve it? What do I do?

By: Noor shazna Sallay

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Pathetic Life

Just to be selfish, careless and rude?
Isn’t it that life, a pathetic life you live?
Even with greatness, to have a heart of shit.

Now that’s when we are different
At least the dog has loyalty
But you, you, Human, what do you have?

By: Wishmi Katugampola

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Every second of our time spent together was counted and cherished as we mattered the most to us. We are stable adults in society who are still 18 in our hearts and actions when together looking for more amazing memories and adventures as we grow with time together. Forever. 
The End.

By: Anne Veenavi

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You're not Enough

No. You’re not enough. If you were, you wouldn’t be feeling inadequate in the first place. Acknowledge yourself for who you are, and perhaps, accept yourself for who you can be. Then, work for it. I believe that is so much more comforting to hear than being told, you’re enough; in all your inadequacies. In all your misery.

By: Inuka de Silva

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People Disgust me

I see people and I think to myself; why are we so broken? So empty? So devoid of character? So full of who we think we should be in the eyes of society? Am I disgusted by you, because you, in your utterly pretentious persona, are as empty as empty can be? Or because, perhaps, I see myself in you. In your emptiness.

By: Inuka De Silva 

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Despite my responsibilities, branching off a few hours to engage in a bit of a creative pursuit is my
catharsis. Yours maybe something else.Don’t intend to find meaning, but rather something to sustain. It
is in that of which sustains us through life that meaning is found.
I conclude this article as my existential crisis draws upon the curtains.

By : Inuka de Silva

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Humanity is identified
Through imperfections.
Does not exist.

I am recognized
By my faults.
You are distinguished 
By your flaws.

By Asna.Z

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