Could you imagine the gloomy mist our world would spiral into if all the arts were to be erased from existence? If all that plays as an antidote for the emptiness of life; music, paintings, poetry, photography, cinematography were to perish from our world, how dull would it be?

Creative Hub is a platform that promises to cultivate and provide recognition to those who hold qualities of creativity within themselves.

We focus on shedding a bit of light to those who deserve it; to our young boys and girls who have so many precious talents. Artists, poets, photographers, singers, etc.

We serve as a base for their recognition and a doorway to their success.

Kierkegaard & God

His emphasis on the importance of personal experience and the role of faith in the individual's journey toward meaning and purpose continues to resonate with many people today. So, Kierkegaard's idea of God is a deeply personal and subjective one, and he believed that true faith requires the individual to take a leap of faith and to actively engage with God in their daily lives.

By: Inuka De Silva 

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People come and go
Oh don't I know
But I wished that you would stay
Or maybe it's just my fault
I never learn from my past

By: Thusathmi Sapumanage


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Snow Storm

Oh the snow, it'll melt one day
And I'll see the light
Or maybe a darker side
But who even cares anymore
Cause you moved on moved on moved on like the wind
I'm just stuck here in the snow storm I'm in
Couldn't break it break it break it even if I wanted to
And now I don't even rely on you.

By: Thusathmi Sapumanage

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Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment

Through the character of Raskolnikov, Dostoevsky delves into themes of guilt, redemption, and the nature of evil, and through Sonia and the other characters, he highlights the complexity and nuance of human nature. Ultimately, the novel serves as a commentary on the human condition and the innate desire for absolution and redemption.

By: Inuka De Silva

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Through Gregor's transformation and the reaction of those around him, Kafka illustrates the Kafkaesque nature of society and the role of the individual in it. Despite the bleak and depressing nature of the novel, Kafka ultimately speaks to the resilience and strength of the human spirit and the ability to find meaning in suffering.

By: Inuka De Silva 

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Meaning of Relationships

A companion to confide,
A foundation of belief,
A partner to gossip,
A best friend for everything,
The keeper of secrets.

By:  Asna Z

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Nietzsche and Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a challenging and thought-provoking work that has had a lasting impact on philosophy and popular culture. While some of Nietzsche's ideas and arguments have been controversial and divisive, his legacy as a philosopher and cultural critic remains undisputed. His ideas about the nature of good and evil, the role of religion in society, and the concept of the Übermensch continue to be debated and discussed by scholars and laypeople alike.

By: Inuka Silva

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The Conversation

You all are a part of me
And so is the soil, animal, and tree
Men hear me out this world is changing
Into devastation, and for that I am crying…

By : 
Tathsilu Wijayapala

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The Truth

“You were always a coward weren’t you.” Felicity said her cold eyes staring at Insiya and a bitter smirk.” If you were brave you would’ve picked up your sword by now” Felicity pettily looked at the sword on the ground. Insiya stretched out her hand to grab it but suddenly stopped. “That’s what I thought,” Felicity said and walked off into the cold mist leaving the dark coyotes broken apart.

By: Oneli Atapattu

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Watch Your Elements

Blow like the wind
but watch where you whistle,
cause dust joins along
a raging storm.

By: Sanindu Amarathunga 


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The City Football

Team sports help kids who have social difficulties since they have to engage with others in order to accomplish the activity. The stress of interaction feels lighter since they are having fun. Football is a great place to be energetic while having fun and may help you accomplish other objectives as well.

Interviewed by: Hafsa Rizvi


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Friendship, The true Definition of Team Work

Friendship is so amazing, chaotic, breathtaking, and crazy. Always remember that true friend are rare to find as people will start changing when puberty hits them. Best friends are completely necessary. Ever in your school life always trust one friend, be with that one friend, help that one friend and annoy them to the fullest cause that’s called TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

By: Ameera Ramzan

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