Could you imagine the gloomy mist our world would spiral into if all the arts were to be erased from existence? If all that plays as an antidote for the emptiness of life; music, paintings, poetry, photography, cinematography were to perish from our world, how dull would it be?

Creative Hub is a platform that promises to cultivate and provide recognition to those who hold qualities of creativity within themselves.

We focus on shedding a bit of light to those who deserve it; to our young boys and girls who have so many precious talents. Artists, poets, photographers, singers, etc.

We serve as a base for their recognition and a doorway to their success.


I am what I am,
You judge me for the way I am!
I am, neither what you say nor what you think,

Aysha Masoom

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Safeguarding Humanness

Humanity is based on ethics such as honesty, empathy, goodwill and friendship, these are the fundamental ethics that differentiate humans from wild  animals.

Nelaka Jayasinghe
St. Peter's College

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ABUSE, everyone talks about it. People also accept coming out of the trauma is difficult. But…. Most of the time the trauma is stuck to the soul and remains till death.

By Fathima Rukkaiya
Muslim ladies college , Colombo 

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We Are One

In 1983 the Tamils were marginalized,
And in 2019 the Muslims.
We are multi- racial, ethnic and religious;

Amritha Vijayananth
Methodist College

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Silhouette Against The Sun

Saw you, a silhouette against the sun
that day,
The memory etched as the sun set behind the rolling waves.

Dinya Perera
University of west of Scotland

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Way To The Crown

Days were grey 
And too long
Here we lay
Singing our song

Vision Wilson
University of the West of Scotland 

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Are we as smart as we look?

Humans are considered as a type of animal. Religiously we are not, while scientifically we once were apes. 

Ameera Ramzan,
Royal Institute,
Havelock Town.

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A hero is always
Someone else's villain;
You were my both.

Sarah Warnakulasuriya
Methodist College , Colombo 

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Sweet and divine

Eyes like an ocean, brown instead of blue,
I have been drowning since the day I met you.
A smile like honeydew,

Amani Almeida
Grade 12


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A life of a prisoner

Killing my time
Between these brick walls
Feeling as it's strange 
A dime a dozen in the prison

Oshadhee Rajapaksha
University of the West of Scotland 

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