An antidote for emptiness

Can you imagine how dull the world would be if art was deemed to wither away from existence? I can’t and I wouldn’t dare to. I consider myself to be a being tingled with the tentacles of nostalgia. And as I dabble down the prickly road of art, and in particular, the perfection of my style, I primarily focus on recreating that feeling on nostalgia by capturing those emotions in the art I produce.

I think every artist can relate to what I’m about to unfold. We all feel empty. Deep down, stamped at the hampered suburbs of our spirit and soul is the gaping void of emptiness. Paradoxical really, how we’re so full of nothing. And I, in the attempt to fill that gaping void, have turned to art.
As an artist, my job is not to succumb to this emptiness but rather, provide an antidote for it. I began my journey in this craft at an early age. With time, I found an affinity for Anime shows. My works started as fanart of those shows and of other shows I indulged my time in. As a guy who focuses on the most minute details, I often find myself constantly contemplating on where I should stop etching in more intricacies of the sort. 

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to project my work and I’ve found success in both traditional art as well as digital art. I sketch on paper, still hoping to perfect my skills while I dabble with my sketches digitally, adding color and complexity to it. Sometimes, I myself am surprised of how practice makes perfection. While my initial works looked like pretentious scribbles of the original characters I was trying to recreate, my present work looks awfully close to the real deal.

I began an Instagram page in the name @daeguchiblitz to showcase my work in the year 2018. I uploaded posts of my sketches, portraits and face studies and have continued to do so, holding on to the essence of my style. I tend to obsess over details and am always in the pursuit of perfection in my craft.

I hope that as I try to interlace the emotions of nostalgia within my art that I shall succeed. And if you, who is reading this wants to inquire further or perhaps purchase an artwork, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me @daeguchiblitz on Instagram.

Aaron Seneviratne
Gr. 13
St. Peter’s college, Colombo 04

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Girl in a jacket     3 Comments

Girl in a jacket   

    June 19 2021 10:43 am

Loving both the article and the drawings!! Amazing work! Keep it up

Girl in a jacket   
    Kesara Rathnasiri

    June 19 2021 12:12 pm

Great work;)

Girl in a jacket   
    Mahesh Chathuranga

    June 19 2021 04:52 pm

So pleased to see you accomplishing great things. Well done.

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