Go Beyond Your Frame

Hi guys, warmly welcome you to this article. You have chosen the right article to give value to your life without staying in the same position.
Most people spend their time not doing beneficial things because of the imaginary limitations they have. They think they can only achieve what they have now. Therefore, they are losing their precious time second by second unknowingly. 


No matter if you are a child or an adult you have to get the best use of the time you have by doing or creating new things. Or else, you will have the same skills and knowledge 10 years from now. Is that what you want? No right? So to do that, you have to go beyond the frame you were stuck in so far. You need to have the courage to take risks. You might fall several times, but don’t stop what you’re doing.There won’t be any successful person in the present if they have stopped when they got failed.


You might say we cannot do or create new things because we are now in a pandemic situation at the moment. But if you think beyond your frame, there will be plenty of opportunities. For example, there are a lot of things you can do online. Like web designing and developing, content creator, creative writer, blogger, and many more. The best part of doing these things is you can start and learn free. If you want to learn the area you want, you only have to search it online. There will be plenty of learning materials. And there are also several platforms to use when you are creating those things


By thinking about all of these I have started to learn and design some of the areas mentioned above. Web designing and blogging are the best-loved ones for me. In the beginning, I didn’t understand how to do most of them. Therefore, I searched many online courses and go through them. After doing all of that, I have been able to get to know the basics of web designing in few weeks. I straight away started designing when I got to know the basics.  


As you can see from the above picture, there isn't much content provided. Only a few pictures and a few texts. But it took me over one week to design this small bit. It because I have no idea how it works, at that time. But I have never stopped learning new things in this area. I had enrolled in several courses. I have watched hundreds of videos about web designing until now. And now I’m able to design websites quite well. At the moment, I have designed over 15 websites. That’s a lot, right? Below you can see some pictures of my latest website. The amazing part of this is it only took less than a day to design this website by myself


If I can do this, you can do this as well. You only need the courage and determination that let you go beyond your frame. Learning web designing, blogging, content writing, etc. might take a lot of time and hard work. But the day you'll be able to design it properly, you’ll be so proud of yourself because you have chosen that field to learn. Enjoy every second you spend on designing. Hope best of luck for your future career.


Dinal Kenula Nagahawatte
Grade 10
Nalanda College , Colombo 

Pic references 


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Girl in a jacket     4 Comments

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 01:59 pm

Great work

Girl in a jacket   

    July 31 2021 02:40 pm

Great article

Girl in a jacket   
    Kalinga Perera

    July 31 2021 03:14 pm

I saw a light at the end of the tunnel

Girl in a jacket   
    Gayan Asanka Siriwardana

    July 31 2021 04:42 pm

Well written

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