Art –From Drawing to Animation

“Artists are children who refuse to put down their crayons”
-Al Hirschfeld-

The first ever artistic work that almost all of us have done in our lives are the scribblings on our home walls during our little years. It’s only a very few people who discover that hidden talent and decide to develop that passion for art throughout their lives. One such personality that I would like to introduce is an amazing artist, Gihini Nehansa.

As individuals we all face experiences that teach us something new each day. From the small scale art exhibitions organized by the school during her primary school days to the famous interschool art competitions that are being organized till this day, they have all been challenges and art lessons teaching her to make wonders with her artistic production. Most of her art journey has been a self-learning process, going through plenty of YouTube videos and analyzing others creations, leading to the discovery of state-of-art techniques used in the world of drawing.

All that is required is a sheet of paper and a set of crayons for an artist to express their emotions. The same piece of artwork may look different based on the different moods and feelings she experiences when drawing. Her drawings don’t show what her eyes see but it portrays the feelings she has experienced.

With time as she developed to making better drawings and adding extra colour each time, her love for animation began. She started focusing on sketching animated characters. Her passion for animation makes her feel proud to be a creator of her own imaginations. Apart from learning about the technical elements of art she currently works on educating herself on the technicalities of animation.

Despite all that passion that burns within a creator, one of the most important things that they seek for is recognition and appreciation for their work. As a growing and passionate artist, Gihini has been thankful to all those people around her for admiring her extraordinary talent. This has been the motivating force that has kept her making wonderful creations till this day.

If you wish to know more about this sensational artist and wish to follow her work, do find her on Instagram @gihini_n.

Gihini Nehansa Vithanage

Grade 12
Lyceum International School, Wattala

Article by
Dilukshi Sawndararajan

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Girl in a jacket     12 Comments

Girl in a jacket   
    Maniula Sanjeewanie

    July 26 2021 09:39 am

Wishing gihini all the best for her future endeavors. May her talents grow day by day .In love with all her arts ❤

Girl in a jacket   

    July 26 2021 09:41 am

Well it is a born talent. There are no words I can express on how much I love her work. This is all I can say. Good luck for your future drawings. Waiting for more to come.

Girl in a jacket   
    Oneli Fernando

    July 26 2021 10:40 am

Beautiful work! Do continue the amazing drawings <3

Girl in a jacket   

    July 26 2021 11:34 am

A beautiful drawing, nicely done One of the best I have seen Well done

Girl in a jacket   
    Charmini Wimalasena

    July 26 2021 05:14 pm

Beautiful work Gihini. Keep up the good work.

Girl in a jacket   
    Kalinga Deshapriya

    July 26 2021 05:36 pm

Amazing work. Really impressive!

Girl in a jacket   

    July 27 2021 08:52 am

no words to say to you dear your drawings are fabulous!!!!!

Girl in a jacket   

    July 27 2021 12:41 pm

Really amazing

Girl in a jacket   

    July 27 2021 09:32 pm

You are gifted darling... You have an "eye" for art. ❤️

Girl in a jacket   
    Roshan Riyal

    July 29 2021 04:56 pm

Awesome drawing nicely done, great work really impressive. Good luck with your future endeavours.

Girl in a jacket   
    Roshan Riyal

    July 29 2021 04:58 pm

Awesome drawing nicely done, great work really impressive. Good luck with your future endeavours.

Girl in a jacket   

    August 19 2021 01:17 am

It’s a great piece of work. Pls do discover new challenges and go beyond and forth. All the best angel.