Lockdown has shoved people over edges of their own psyche to venture on and explore parts of themselves they never fathomed to contain. And I hereby proclaim myself a victim of it.

Bored over the peripheral of my dusty soul, I couldn’t think of anything to indulge in the many hours I spent at home. Devoid of studies and sports; I found my life falling through the space between my fingers; until I got a DSLR.

I guess my affinity towards this particular craft began a bit before during the time I took pictures with my iPad. But I was only able to polish those skills to finery after experimenting and excelling with my camera. I started off taking photographs of my cats, diecast cars and sunsets. A few things I loved very dearly.

Ever since then, I’ve been consistent with my shots; pushing myself out of the comfort zone consistently and always filling the gaps in my not-so-flawless skillset. Its an ever-journeying experience; an unending pursuit; there’s always room for improvement.

Albeit this only started as a hobby, it grew into something more than that. Something quite otherworldly. The appreciation my friends and family give off in respect to my craft serves as a great fuel for me. Every perfect shot just makes me feel good. And that’s a simple, beautiful feeling.

In the moments of which I engage in this hobby of mine; I feel good. And I know I’m good at it. Or at least, I’m trying my best to be worthy of that feeling. It’s something I genuinely think I’m good at and therefore something I hope to excel in greatly such that I might even consider it as a profession.

If you who is reading this would like to inquire further, please find me on Instagram @hola.hammad

Hammad Booso

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