"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought." - Albert Einstein

A person who is concerned about his opinions will go further to become special and shine like a gem. Today, I'd like to introduce my brother, who shaped himself into an incredible blogger during his adolescent years. He is none other than Rassan Batcha. Moving on, my name is Ihshana Begum, and let me introduce myself. I am a final-year Arts Stream student at Muslim Ladies' College. I asked him what the affiliation was among us, and he replied, “Ihshana has a lovely soul, to put it simply." She is my sister, yet I view her as a friend rather than a cousin. A person I can talk more openly about my interests, hobbies, education, movies, etc. She was a terrific listener, and her comprehension of what I was saying allowed me to form a positive opinion of her and establish a strong rapport with her. Only we two used to chat about Korean dramas, music, movies, and articles that were not connected to or completely off-topic while our entire family gathered and discussed Topic A. My relationship with her is really mature, and we both get along well as two friends. I became more aware of her true potential as we grew together." This is really amazing of my brother and how he opens the door to our relationship.
The main ideology that drove him to start blogging was He started out writing in his diaries. He used to sit down and write every single night, recording everything that happened to him at the time. He has made that his pastime. As time passed, he came to the realization that recording every detail in the diary would be futile, so he started recording only the most important events each week. The funny thing was that because of how fascinating those events were for him, he wondered why he should write about them and keep them to himself. He must write to everyone, right?

“I had a number of motivations to start my blog because in the initial stage I needed one platform to share my ideas, opinions and experiences. Also I wanted to practise writing and improve my writing skills in a unique way. So that motivated me to start writing on my own blog. 
One more thing I need to mention here is that my blog helped me to connect with so many great personalities/experts/seniors in and outside Sri Lanka. That gave me great motivation to continue my good work”.
This was his ultimate motivation behind doing and putting himself as a blogger. He is adamant about himself which uniquely shows his talents and skills. Working as a blogger on our own at first allows us to explore more undiscovered concepts and goals. Similar to how he did, he took in what was crucial for himself and developed himself so that he could learn various concepts and theories.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

A person cannot isolate themselves from pursuing their objectives. He has a constant desire to fulfil his dreams. Similarly, Rassan Batcha claims that he was inspired by a variety of factors to launch his own blog since, in the beginning, he needed a place to express his thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Additionally, he wished to write frequently and creatively hone his writing abilities. He was inspired by this to start writing on his own blog. Additionally, he claims that I was able to connect him with a large number of outstanding individuals, experts, and senior citizens both inside and outside of Sri Lanka thanks to his blog. He was greatly inspired to carry on with his outstanding work as a result.

“Due to the fact that I strictly wanted to write articles in English, English quickly became a major language barrier for me, making it one of my biggest challenges in the beginning. Additionally, I had difficulties due to my lack of knowledge in web design and internet marketing” - Rassan Batcha
Accept Failure and Success as Part of the Journey Through Life. No one is perfect all the time, as we are all discovering. We can only stay in the game if we have a more forgiving attitude toward ourselves. Only through the dynamic process of life—trying, succeeding, failing, and trying again—can we cultivate enduring self-confidence. Challenges also make us stronger. We are expected to find solutions to problems when they present themselves to us. Challenges cause us to experience pain and struggle, which will serve as a lesson in life. They also make us stronger and better, which will enable us to face reality. And Rassan has always liked to face challenges and overcome those, hence he took the challenge. And he is still working on getting better.
Give Rassan access to your social network, and you're all set!
Our capacity for creativity enables us to approach difficulties with greater ingenuity and openness. The mind is opened by creativity. In that generation of people may be closed-minded, a society that has lost touch with its creative side is imprisoned. It broadens our horizons and can aid in the eradication of prejudice. Likewise, click the below-mentioned links to go through Rassan’s creativity.
We are the creators of our own art, which helps us stand out and achieve greatness. Let's see what Rassan has to say about it! He says that he is a self-made writer. He never attended any course related to articles, storytelling, or writing. He is still in the process of learning and developing his writing skills. He also does so much homework to improve his writing skills.

When he was an undergraduate, he used to visit the IT lab during his spare periods between lectures to learn a great deal about blogging, article writing, and storytelling. He was able to implement everything after learning it all together. He had to focus more on my BSc special degree program, however, because he also studied business finance and accounting, which is a completely different field. Therefore, he had to completely put his blogging and article writing on hold during the semester's exam periods in order to concentrate on his exams.

Moreover, he says, “I work as a credit controller for a UK client directly at a reputable corporate company with offices in Colombo and Mumbai, which I can access remotely from Sri Lanka." That is my full-time job, and outside of those hours, I use my weekday downtime to improve myself by reading articles on the internet and watching YouTube videos, which allow me to learn new things while expanding my knowledge and skills. "In addition, I work on my articles and blog on the weekends in addition to spending time with my family."
The advantages of time management also include improved capability, confidence, and clarity. You become more focused and productive when you are clear on how to use your time most effectively. You can accomplish more by using effective time management, which also decreases procrastination and boosts productivity.
Rassan described this as an excellent time management strategy.
Here is a wonderful message for our youngsters by Rassan: Do your schoolwork well and achieve good grades. After graduating from high school, pursue a bachelor's degree and finish it, but make sure you keep that one activity or passion that will help you go to the next level.
Success boosts our self-esteem and general well-being. Because achieving success entails obtaining the thing we want and love doing in our lives, it also gives us a great sense of inner fulfilment. In order for humans to survive, it is crucial.
Rassan says, "When says, “ When I was a freshman at Wayamba University in Sri Lanka back in 2018, I went on a trip with two of my closest friends from college. I recall that after visiting Kandy, we went to a stunning village in the Kandy district called Rambuk Ela. And as I was saying goodbye to both of my friends at the end of the trip, one of them suggested that I write about the trip. He pushed me, and I said yes. I returned home and began to compose a story about my travels. I made a lot of blunders and used a lot of sheets to clearly narrate my story. I must credit my older sister, who taught me the fundamentals and made revisions to my first essay, for helping me finally finish it. She encouraged me to narrate more and more stories in my own distinctive style since she appreciated the way I used my language. So, yes, my first article was a success.
Rassan's first article success is a true joy, and we wish him the best of luck!
Not only does his creativity depend on the overall content, but it also depends on each and every word he uses in my articles, especially when he uses quotes, as he mentioned, and the truly life experiences he uses to decorate his articles; these are the most important factors when he uses to be creative throughout my articles. The conversation between his readers and myself is the key to my success. He always tried to use wonderful headlines to catch readers' attention to his articles; creativity works, and it worked for him a lot. Creative independence depends on one thing: your flow of communication matters a lot when it comes to a successful and creative article.
This shows how his blogging has evolved since he first started. Without a doubt, he employs a purpose and some extremely clever tactics to be
Rassan says about his ultimate support in his life as, “We all have friends, including you and myself. Keep in mind that individuals with the ability to influence the next generation are the most influential people. They can move you ahead to show you the brilliance or move you backward to put you into the darkness. Basically, it depends on the kind of friend you have. I had a group of buddies who only went with me to the light. They all mean a lot to me, and I appreciate them all. In addition to them, I have a few pals who are encouraging and who encourage me whenever I post a new piece. I will never forget that great group of people in my life. Since they are essential to my ability to succeed, I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to every one of my volunteers. All of my volunteers, especially Ihshana, have helped me greatly as I create my site and have given countless hours of their time to support my passion and desire. I sincerely appreciate them, and I want to one day make them happy. I'd like to extend an invitation to everyone here to join my volunteer team. You've come to the perfect place if you're a driven learner or a recent graduate who wants to develop your writing abilities. To hone your skills, volunteer with us”.
SUPPORT being a part of a community allows us to help out our fellow citizens. Supporting others will make them feel good about themselves and better about themselves.

In the end, the best thing is when you support yourself and build a small community with your parents, friends, colleagues, and society to make your dream a reality is really elite.
We would like to wish Rassan Batcha the best of luck in both his personal and professional life and hope that he will achieve greatness while giving us his time to answer our fascinating questions.

Written by - Ihshana Begum   

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