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Nature has always appealed to me as unpredictable, unchanging, pretty, ugly, kind, and cruel all at the same time. How can something manifest as one quality and as the opposition of that quality at the same time? Nothing contradicts itself greater than nature itself. Nature supports life and destroys it simultaneously. 

And I, as a photographer, find it utterly fascinating. I’ve always been fairly close with nature. Close in the sense of appreciation and admiration. I find that my prime duty is to capture that beauty. That cruel, yet maddeningly loving charm nature beholds. Never have I ever found myself to be so infuriatingly enthralled with anything else. I feel as if every uncaptured moment is lived in vain. And I, obviously, hope not to live in vain.

I think as humans, we take our privileges for granted. That time in which we had to live as if every moment would be our last is over. We have no lions to fend off. No bears to battle. No snakes to snare. Nature as of now, is simply just beautiful as we’ve successfully eliminated all possible death threats from our surroundings. So why not admire it for its beauty? Why not feel its charm?
At least, that’s what I feel with every frame I capture. It’s a very fuzzy, filling sense of delight. I frankly, simply enjoy it; being with nature and jutting bits of it in my memory card. Quite satisfying really. 

Confident with my work, I went on to exhibit my skills at a photography competition. Publicity was never my thing. I did it for my own satisfaction; not for society’s approval. Yet every so slightly do I hope that those who come across my work, would feel nature’s fierce beauty. And moreover, appreciate it.
Joshua Peter
Gr. 12
St. Peter’s College

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