Life and Death

life: the pretty lie, Death: the pathetic truth.
Your first cry doesn’t really matter,
Once you start walking.
Your first walk or really whatever,
No one’s going to care when you’re talking.

Life goes on Until you realize,
Nothing permanent just temporary,
Once you turn old, u feel like,
Saying, “I should have known that I am unhappy.”

The riches you earn,
The knowledge you learn,
The friends you keep,
And the lessons you teach,
Are just life.

Trueness comes when you find out
That everything has an end,
So does life,’                                                                          
The pretty lie.

Knocks on the door,
Enters death,
With nothing but a happy end,
Then you fall to the floor,
With a slight mute moan.

Does fear rise? I hope not,
Everyone dreads death,
But excuses me? Dread or not,
It, you are still going to let it in.

Life morphs itself every day
To make you a bright or dark way,
Death awaits in both ways,
To grasp your life away

When a baby is born,
Someone’s grave fills,
Both give a cry and
Becomes still,
Waiting for their new,
Journey with a thrill.

Life is a curtain,
Which death hides behind,
Life is a good distraction,
So death won’t catch your eye.

As the wise says,
“The lies cover the truth,”
Life too plays to hide the truth,
Which is known as death.

Ameera Ramzan 
8 (N)
Royal Institute,
Havelock Town.

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