Life in a Second

She completely sacrificed herself for his life,
Endless talks,
Endless writings,
Endless feelings,
Everything is for you!
Everything is for you!

Her sleepless nights,
Unending kindness,
Her expectations,
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone?

You transformed into a gentle beast.
You stated that this would be the end -
In one night, our relationship,
The Red Eyes, and
Rapid heartbeat,
I became drowsy all of a sudden,
But I have other options than you.

But you've just eliminated me with one ring
Always and ever,
And, as time goes on,
You'll notice me,
And I will no longer wait for you.
So I started over with fresh air.
I was firm in my desires,
I was unwavering in my desires.

You could come into my life and beg forgiveness.
It is then too late.
Why should I exist in your memories?
No longer will I,
Do not recall me,
You don't remember me.

I will no longer be waiting for you,
Your helpless love and concern,
You depicted hell, while I depicted heaven.
Finally, it compared two distinct lives.
Continue with your desires,
Continue with your desires

By : Hafsa Rizvi


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