Sense of daring accomplishment

Maybe being a perfectionist can be a bad thing; possibly a constraint in moving forward with life and even worse, attaining satisfaction. Yet, as a photographer, taking picture perfect pictures is a fundamental law and if it was to be denied; I would fail as a photographer.
Withholding any kind of potential offense, in the tech-driven world we live in, everyone tends to be a photographer every now and then. Yet, that sort of drive does not coincide with the sort that myself and many others like me possess. That dismal, dreary thirst for utter perfection. Utopia in every frame. Paradise in every image.

Though dismal may it be, the satisfaction that awaits at every picture-perfect frame is undeniably worth that dreary thirst. And it’s definitely something I hope to attain with every moment I capture. And albeit this thirst took birth in me in my younger days, the real strive in this craft came into being when I joined the media circle of our college. I was able to polish my skills to finery. Learn from others and perfect my editing. At every shot, I feel a sense of daring accomplishment. A sense that almost manifests itself to me as what they call inner peace. And nothing compares. There certainly isn’t a prosthetic.

And long have I shared accommodation with this dismal thirst and long have I witnessed its timely bursts of satisfaction. And long will I share these feelings of yearn, with the hope of attaining that glorious sense of picture-perfect accomplishment. And if you, who is reading this would like to inquire further, please contact me on Instagram @patterson_412

Patterson Leon
Gr. 12
St. Joseph’s college





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