Quality Over Quantity

I have been thinking about two aspects of one’s life; Quality and Quantity, and came to an important decision; it is to choose quality over quantity.
Lets’ first understand the two distinct concepts related to work. When one does something and engages in some work, the degree of its excellence is its quality. The nature of that work or the task that has been completed corresponds to the quality of that work. And the outcome of the work directly depends on its quality. And the amount of work one does is the quantity. This concept does not limit itself only to ‘work’ but one also could be drawn into every other thing in life, from one’s diet to one’s education, one's relationships, etc….

First, let’s talk about diet. Everybody knows that what is
important is not how much one eats, but what one eats. Seems simple. It is no use eating a variety of junk, unhealthy foods that do not match ones nutritional requirements. But eating a suitable amount of healthy, appropriate, and nutritious food empowers the body physically and helps to get stronger and live healthier. Even if you had a very big, expensive meal, if it did not contain the required nutrients, it would simply be a meaningless meal, a mere way toward obesity. As such quality matters in food over its quantity.
Similarly, some people have a lot of friends and relations. People try to get satisfaction from the mere number of friends they have. They think that the number of faces that show up at their parties is the thing that matters the most. But think, would any of those friends be really of true value if they do not hold you back in times of sorrow too? Likewise, even personal relationships we have with other people should be of good quality. We should only make true and meaningful friendships because you will know for sure, that even if we were left with only one true friend, he would assist and be by our side in every situation in our life.

Lastly, we have the most important thing to discuss. Quality over quantity in work. This is the same for studies, too. From personal experience, I say, although you try to do many things in life, engage in many activities, if you are not able to give any one of them, your full energy and attention, at last, they would end up in regret, a mere waste of time. No matter how many books you read, no matter how many exams you face, if you haven’t taken the best from them, they will merely be a waste of time. So, do the one thing that you are interested in and choose the one thing that would be beneficial to you, and pursue it with great dedication and passion. And if you think you can handle more than one task, more than one role, if you know it only, engage in them. My request is only not to surpass quality by having false beliefs in quantity.

Even the world-renowned physicist Sir. Albert Einstein did well only in mathematics, physics, and playing the violin. But he did what he could with great love and enthusiasm, to a great degree of excellence, that it finally paved the way for his success.
We must understand that throughout our lives quality must be chosen over quantity because quality work is the only thing that will be meaningful lately. No matter how much you do, if your work is of poor quality, it will not produce many good fruits in the future. Quality work is the only thing that deserves credit.Do not cling on to everything; hold on to what you are truly capable of and you won’t lose the ultimate challenge. Life.

By : Tathsilu Wijayapala
Mahanama College Colombo 03

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