Unveiling moments and ideas

Robert Frank’s quote, ‘feeling the humanity of the moment through the photograph’ is something I can draw a firm connection with. Both an artist’s and a photographer’s job is simply to unveil a moment or idea and watch how the viewer interprets it.

This stage I find quite fascinating. Watching every variable unfold itself in the eyes of a different human. How any captured moment can mean something different to everyone. It’s both weird and unique at the same time. Its something I hold in great value.

Photography has always stimulated me as a motivation and a sort of satisfactory outlet. It gives me a sense of meaning. Even in the most extensionally critical situations where I’d find myself drift across the abyss of misery, photography appeals to me as a pill of adventure and joy.

We don’t remember what happens. What we remember becomes what happened. And photography, even captured with the littlest meaning can have a profound effect in a person’s life as it influences how we remember certain moments and how those moments will have a domino effect on our future. Looking back on a photo could literally change your entire life as the memories flood back or you reveal something to yourself.

That importance a photograph holds with itself can alone stand as my reason as to why I continue my pursuit in this craft apart from saying it provides me with a sense of motivation. These feelings, though insignificant it may be to some, to me I hold with great importance. With myself, I cherish my longstanding passion.
And if you who is reading this wishes to inquire further into my work or perhaps make a purchase, please feel free to find me on Instagram @rashida.photography

Rashida Nonis
Gr. 13
St. Peter’s college

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