A photograph is a Moment

I think the gods envy us. Because every moment is finite. Every hour will end. Every century will fade into the past. We’re doomed into oblivion by default. And that makes everything much more beautiful.

A photograph is not a mere pixelated image. It’s a moment. A memory. It’s a universe of which the fabric is interlaced with feelings and colors, dipped in skill and talent.  It’s a sort of reversed entropy; a paradox. A paradox because in a photo, what we capture is a moment. A finite moment, captured in an unmoving, unchanging, frame; infinite in existence and unending in eternity.

This would be my reason as to why I love this particular craft. At every trip, in every outing you’d find me snapping moments into my camera; which would be a Canon EOS R. I think its safe to say that I have a unique fetish for Canon cameras. It just clicks you know? (No pun intended).

I began posting online on Instagram @photographybyrovin_ and I’d say I’ve gained a fair bit of recognition for my skills and definitely an overwhelming amount of support and motivation. Yet the statistics of my reach don’t really concern me. I post online merely with the goal of sharing what I find beautiful with others. And I hope that they see it as I do.

This craft is something I hope to continue and something I wish to excel in in the many years to come. I wish not to envision what life would be if I was deprived of capturing every beautiful moment with my camera. It is something I greatly value and if you who is reading this wishes to inquire further, please find me on Instagram @photographybyrovin_

Rovin Mohotti
Gr. 10
St. Joseph’s college

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Girl in a jacket     1 Comments

Girl in a jacket   
    Jezon Fernando

    July 17 2021 02:08 pm

Wow Rovin, that was a great beginning for someone. Good luck with your career ahead!