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A World on Pause

A World on Pause is a CSR project done by the students of ICBS Colombo to increase the awareness regarding COVID-19 among the general public. Through the project we attempt to address the current situation of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, awareness on vaccinations, psychological impact of COVID 19 and rectifying all inaccurate information, myths related to COVID-19.
The project comprises of a social media campaign through Facebook and Instagram and a COVID- 19 webinar.

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Define you, the way you want

It’s just a matter of one click to either send a message or to delete one; to join a class or to just leave; to answer a call or to just decline, but did we know enough that, all it takes is just a click to create a problem as well as to solve one?
It’s always easy to bully someone for whatever they do, but it is never easy to get bullied, it is never easy to just move on, it is not at all easy to just ignore or to ‘un-hear’ the words that were heard.

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Make a little space to make a better place

The schools island wide were closed from March 2020 to August due to the first wave of Covid 19 in the country. Although schools were supposed to reopen in late April after the “April holidays” for the second term, schools were reopened in August but with the reemergence of the Corona virus, schools have been closed again since October.

While many schools started teaching virtually via the Internet, it has been a challenge for some schools to follow this approach which was new to both educators and children.

Awareness on Drug Addiction

Addiction isn’t a crime, you can always overcome it..!

Awareness on Sexual Abuse

You are not a victim but, you are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth..!

Awareness on Bullying and Mental Health

Being bullied is not permanent, you can come out of the circle if you wish..!

Awareness on Suicide Prevention

We all have problems and we do have answers for them as well. So running away from them is not an answer, facing them is the victory..!

Let’s Help our Own - Help our Future

It's understandable that we sometimes think the world's problems are so big that we can do little to help. On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine. It is in our hands to make a difference. Join with us to Extend that helping hand to the ones in need. We still have a chance at making this world a better place for us and our future generations

“Project blind side”

“Project blind side” was organized by the part time batch of year one semester two students, with the intentions of educating the society and to create a change in the attitudes of the people in our society in line to raising awareness on mental health.

Categories | Expired Date | October 10, 2020

PROJECT "GROW TO GLOW" Awareness on homegrown vegetables and fruits

Project ‘Grow to Glow’ is a social lead undertaken by the students of Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch to promote homegrown vegetables and fruits in a cost-effective method.
Our main objective is, to spread awareness of Home-Grown vegetables and fruits and to create a positive impact on society through sustainable use of seeds, stems, and roots of vegetables and fruits.

Categories | UPCOMING Date | July 25, 2020

"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?"

Have you ever thought
"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?"
That's where Project retrospective comes into the picture. Being a social awareness initiative by the students of ICBS We aim to positively influence the human behaviour through small day to day implications for a better tomorrow.

Categories | UPCOMING Date | July 25, 2020

Project “Renew – 25 shades of green”

Project “Renew – 25 shades of green” is a CSR initiative done by a group of students at ICBS with the aim of encouraging home gardening in order to pave the way for a greener and sustainable environment.
The main reason to start this initiative was the situation that we, as a nation, faced due to the COVID – 19, where there were lack of food items to purchase when the entire country went into a lockdown.

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Plogga-The Eco-Lution

PLOGGA Eco-lution'19 was an event organized by the staff and students of the ICBS. As a part of a CSR group project PLOGGA was carried out to reach the awareness of the plastic and waste pollution along the coastal lines of Sri lanka and to reduce them.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | DECEMBER 29, 2019

Beach Clean Up

8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year. We are all responsible for this big time. So, serve to conserve. The Student Council of Imperial College of Business Studies Colombo made its first move towards the Green Initiative. On Earth day the student council of Imperial College made their way up to Negombo to clean up the much-polluted areas of the beach strip.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | July 18, 2019

"Paint The World Green"

The initiative was taken up by the year 1 semester 2 students and it was a great project to help the ATTIDIAYA PRIMARY MODEL SCHOOL to help plant a seed in the hearts of the students to conserve the environment and to "Paint the world green" it was a great occasion and appreciated by the school.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | JULY 17, 2019

Blood Donation Camp

As a part of the CSR Campaign a blood donation camp was organized by the 1st Year 2nd Semester Students of BA (Hons) International Business & Finance on the 07th January 2019 at Imperial College Kandy Branch. There was a huge turn out on the day across Kandy which ultimately helped the Kandy Hospital in archiving valuable blood for future use.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | January 07, 2019

Green Guardian Team

Our Green guardian team took the first step to aware the people in Kandy about the harm of using polythene and how Eco-Friendly bags help to save our environment. We distributed Eco-friendly bags on the 30th of June at Nihal’s and Cargill’s food city Kandy for free to encourage the use of Eco-friendly products that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | June 30, 2018