Project “Manusathkaara – We are a part of god’s great big family”

27th of November 2021, the Student Council of Imperial College of Business Studies got together for a project, with the intention of giving back to the society and helping the ones in need to overcome the pandemic. They did understand that,

                                          ‘We make a living by what we get.
                                            We make a life by what we give.’

Having the senior council members involved in the project discussion, they decided to come up with a budget and actually put the discussion into action. Ms. Chanusha, chairing the project, she made sure everything was properly planned and was in place. They donated 10,000 masks and sanitizer bottles to the people who were facing difficulties in getting them to survive the pandemic.

As we all know, nothing can be done successfully overnight. After several meetings, discussions, planning and of course hardworking, they managed to fix a date and get everything into place. Throughout the discussion, they were sure about not just stopping with the distribution of masks and sanitizers but there should actually be an impact on peoples lives. Therefore, they divided the projects to two phases, and named the project as “Manusathkaara”.

The first phase happened on the 27th of November 2021. They had their members divided into 2 groups to make sure that the items are distributed to the proper targeted people. They covered places like people living in front of Majestic City, Vihara Mahadevi park and etc.

They walked along the road, and they say that that is when they realized that many people are suffering to get the masks, and some were asking for more so that their kids can wear that when they go to school.

They also got to hear some real-life struggles people go through just to get through a day in their lives. People on the streets were really thankful for the masks and sanitizers they got. The members of the council says that the smiles they saw in some peoples faces, the stories they shared, the blessing some poured, made them forget all the walking to hard work they had to do in order to implement it.

We as the general public, should always; learn to give and help each other to live a life. Its not always about the money that we earn, it’s about the self-satisfaction we get. Its about the humanity we pour into peoples lives. We see humans, but where is humanity?

Written By : 
Shadhurshini Dushanthan



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