VIDHAI Will Bloom Soon

Inclusive, good quality education is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies
-Desmond Tutu-

Project ‘Vidhai’ is a social initiative by the Year 1 Semester 2 students of Imperial College of Business Studies, Colombo. The main focus of the project was to improve the quality of educational facilities to the students at Divitura Vivekananda Tamil Maha Vidyalaya, situated in Elpitiya Galle. Being a provincial school located in the rural areas of the southern region of the Island, it failed to meet the ideal
standards required. The project team, understanding that the quality of education inclusive of the environment in which it is provided has a significant impact on the student and their learning process, developed the plan for the implementation of ‘Vidhai’.

The project planning until final completion was carried over a period of two months from November 2021 to January 2022. The implementation of Project ‘Vidhai’ was divided among 3 phases with each phase contributing to the completion of a crucial part of the project.

Phase 1 was conducted on the 12 th of December 2021. Work in relation to cleaning and painting the school premises was completed by team ‘Vidhai’ with the support of school staff members, students
and parents. Painting work involved the main hall premises and the school entrance walls being colour washed to enable the wall painting competition to be conducted.


The wall painting competition was conducted over a period of 2 weeks with the aim of getting the students involved in the renovation of their school. The school students were divided into groups and each group had to complete the drawing and painting of an image based on the themes provided by the ‘vidhai’ organizing committee. This competition was conducted under the guidance of the organizing committee and the school art teachers. The participants of the competition were awarded with certificates in appreciation of their effort and talents and to encourage them to participate in competitions of similar kind in the future.

As part of phase 2 of Project ‘Vidhai’, the main focus was on renovating the school library. During the initial meetings with the school staff, concerns regarding the ineffective use of the library was raised. Realizing that the poor layout and insufficient resources for the students at the library were the main reasons, team ‘Vidhai’ successfully undertook library renovation on the 19 th of December 2021. During this phase, furniture items such as the book shelves, chairs and tables were donated to the school. The team members were actively involved in creating and implementing a coding and classification system to enable the books to be easily identified based on their language. At the end of phase 2, ‘vidhai’ was able to successfully provide the school with a renovated library, rearranged with a well-developed layout including a system of book categorization and sufficient seating facilities to support student learning in both the present and future. This enabled the project in achieving the ultimate goal of sustainability.

Phase 3, the final phase of project ‘Vidhai’ was completed on the 10 th of January 2022. This involved the opening of the renovated main hall and library. Mr. Gothumatha Silva Kariyawasam, the Zonal Director of Education graced the occasion as the guest of honor. The project director, Ms. Chanusha Jayawardane, staff of IBCS, school management, staff members and students representing Divithura Tamil Maha Vidyalaya were present at the event. The event featured the presentation of the project report to the audience followed by the speeches presented by the dignitaries at the event. The highlights of the event involved presenting exam past papers books to all the ordinary and advanced level students as support material in preparation for their upcoming examinations. Two sets of past paper books were also donated to the library as a form of sustainable use for the students of the school in the coming years.

As an initiative organized under the theme of sharing a smile, spreading happiness, kindness and positivity, team ‘vidhai’ believes that its purpose has been fulfilled. Vidhai has bloomed in terms of contributing to laying a foundation for the development of these individuals and an equitable society for the future.

Lots of love from Project VIDHAI Organizing Committee! ❤️

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