Vidhai- Will Bloom Soon

Successful completion of phase 1

Social differences and income inequality has led to certain groups of people being less privileged in enjoying their basic rights of good quality education. Education plays a vital role in improving the state of mind of students and ensuring a fruitful future for the generations to come. However, not everyone has access to quality learning and favorable conditions. Even though it may not be a fault of their own, they are compelled to survive with the limited resources available to them.

Having identified the basic issue of disparity among the population, Project ‘Vidhai’ was initiated by the Year 1 Semester 2 students of ICBS. The project is aimed at uplifting the educational facilities to the students at Divitura Vivekananda Tamil Maha Vidyalaya of Elpitiya, Galle. This school has a student population of almost 300, educating both junior and senior batches of students. Although the school environment may not be of the best conditions, students show interest in educating themselves with the hope that they will be able to step into a bright future ahead.

As the initial step of project implementation, the first phase was successfully completed on the 12th of December 2021. The main focus of this phase was on refurbishing the school premises. The areas that were focused on during this process involved the main hall, the outer wall of the school and their classrooms. All project members, with the assistance of school staff and students were actively involved in painting the walls at the school entrance and the main hall building. Technical work in relation to curtain installation and proper covering for the classrooms, to protect from water leakages during heavy rain, was also completed.

We believe that the completion of phase 1 has increased the confidence in the minds of the students of being able to educate themselves in a better and cleaner environment. Proper organization and makeover of the main hall will also allow the school management to organize activities and team events for the students, enabling them to improve their soft skills.

The project team is currently working on the implementation of phase 2, that focuses on two very important aspects of the project, the wall painting competition and library renovation. For further updates on project ‘Vidhai’, do reach out to us on our bio link at



Categories | CSR Date | December 20, 2021