Define you, the way you want

It’s just a matter of one click to either send a message or to delete one; to join a class or to just leave; to answer a call or to just ..

expired  |  May 20,2021

Make a little space to make a better place

The schools island wide were closed from March 2020 to August due to the first wave of Covid 19 in the country. Although schools were..

expired  |  Mar 10,2021

Awareness on Drug Addiction

Addiction isn’t a crime, you can always overcome it..!

expired  |  Jan 28,2021

Awareness on Sexual Abuse

You are not a victim but, you are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth..!

expired  |  Jan 28,2021

Awareness on Bullying and Mental Health

Being bullied is not permanent, you can come out of the circle if you wish..!

expired  |  Jan 28,2021

Awareness on Suicide Prevention

We all have problems and we do have answers for them as well. So running away from them is not an answer, facing them is the victory..!

expired  |  Jan 28,2021