VIDHAI Will Bloom Soon

Project ‘Vidhai’ is a social initiative by the Year 1 Semester 2 students of Imperial College of Business Studies, Colombo.

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27th of November 2021, the Student Council of Imperial College of Business Studies got together for a project, with the intention of giving back to the society

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Vidhai- Will Bloom Soon

Social differences and income inequality has led to certain groups of people being less privileged in enjoying their basic rights of good quality education.

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Vithai Will Bloom Soon

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Have you ever considered how fortunate you are to receive proper education , with all the resources surrounding you? If you have not yet felt how blessed you are , then this is an initiative that will make you understand the luxuries you have in your life. 

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Define you, the way you want

It’s just a matter of one click to either send a message or to delete one; to join a class or to just leave; to answer a call or to just ..

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Make a little space to make a better place

The schools island wide were closed from March 2020 to August due to the first wave of Covid 19 in the country. Although schools were..

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