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MBA Kandy Division - The VIP Networking Event


Every year, B2B conferences generate more than $1 trillion in direct spending and attract one billion attendees, according to the Events Industry Council and Oxford Economics. And for good reason. Conferences allow you to make valuable connections, network with like-minded people, learn from peers who have accomplished what you hope to accomplish, and create more word-of-mouth buzz for your business. Imperial College of Business Studies – MBA unit organized a similar networking event on the 7th of December 2019.

The event provided networking opportunities for attendees to engage and connect with other individuals. Contrary to popular belief, networking events aren’t just a particular type of gathering, instead, organizers can find opportunities to help attendees find valuable connections that the students of ICBS got the first-hand experience in.


Mr. Charaka Perera (MBA (UK) bucks, CMA (Aus), CPM (Aisa), MSLIM) attended the VIP Networking event as the main speaker. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at Laughs Salt and Chemicals and the Project Chair of SLIM National Initiatives. He spoke about the changing Commodity mindsets to brand manufacturing mindsets, the Sri Lankan opportunity, the role of a business leader, and the reason for building a tacit knowledge, Aligning the marketing and finance functions in the company and the best practice case studies of a 22-year corporate experience.


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