Special Scholarship Challenge - SQA

The SQA Diploma to Degree Pathway - For After O/L students. Accepted in CANADA, USA, Australia , New Zealand , UK , Singapore and many more.

expired  |  Nov 14,2021

La Baila

Ek barrr අහල මහන්සිත් ඇතිනේ ... අහමුද ICBS අපිත් එක්ක බයිලයක්??? එහෙනම් ඕන් ඈ...

expired  |  Aug 28,2021

Evening With Alumni

Four different jobs , 4 different careers in 4 completely different industries. Wanna know the scope ? Career opportunities? Future and opportunities in these industries?

expired  |  Jul 31,2021

"Break Out" Take a moment to de-stress and chill

It's been a while since our students have officially met each other in person and we understand that during this period of uncertainty..

expired  |  Jun 05,2021

One Click

It’s just a matter of one click to either send a message or to delete one; to join a class or to just leave; to answer a call or to just decline, 

expired  |  May 05,2021

Let’s Help our Own - Help our Future

It's understandable that we sometimes think the world's problems are so big that we can do little to help. On our own,

expired  |  Jan 14,2021

Christmas Drop - a Jam session

The Christmas Drop Jam session organized by the Rotaract Club of ICBS was held on the 18th of December 2020 as a fundraiser for project HopeWorks

expired  |  Dec 18,2020

"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?"

"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?" That's where Project retrospective comes into the picture. Being a social awareness..

expired  |  Jul 25,2020

Special Awareness Session

Special Awareness Session.. On Effective Presentation Techniques

expired  |  Jan 25,2020

Be Exclusive - Special Career Guidance Session

A Special Career Conference was organized organized by ICBS to provide proper knowledge about what they can do and need

expired  |  Jan 11,2020

Imperial Christmas Donation 2019


Christmas is a time of sharing love with one another. We, the Imperial family shared the joy of Christmas in a special way this time with..

expired  |  Dec 26,2019


he Imperial College christmas party was organized for all the active & past students including the lecturers by the Students Council..

expired  |  Dec 16,2019

MBA Kandy Division - The VIP Networking Event

Every year, B2B conferences generate more than $1 trillion in direct spending and attract one billion attendees,

expired  |  Dec 07,2019

Imperial College of Business Studies - Convocation 2019

The convocation of Imperial College of Business Studies was held on the 29th NOV 2019 at BMICH in a glamorous , prestigious manner.

expired  |  Nov 29,2019

Imperial Shuttlers collect their victory in style

The Imperial College Badminton Team became undefeated “Champions” at the APIIT Extravaganza - Inter-University Badminton Team Championships organized by APIIT 

expired  |  Nov 02,2019

Fresher's Night

Kandy branch of Imperial student council organized the "ALOHA Fresher’s 2K19", with a Hawaiian theme to go with the decorations..

expired  |  Nov 29,2019