"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?"

Have you ever thought
"There was a past, there is a present, but will there be a future?"
That's where Project retrospective comes into the picture. Being a social awareness initiative by the students of ICBS We aim to positively influence the human behaviour through small day to day implications for a better tomorrow. The main motive that gave life to this project is the fact that when we take a look around all we see are issues, problems and difficulties, and it is quite inevitable to overlook the fact that we humans as a whole play a major role in cause of them.

To talk further on our project, it's completely virtual where we aim to meet our Audience through a webinar held via zoom, Facebook and YouTube live. However, before the webinar itself we have started work on our end by addressing issues and problems that are currently going on through our Instagram page, Apart from issues we also aim to focus on making tomorrow a better dawn for the sun to rise in, as a team were working on the smallest implications that can be easily incorporated into our lives, because after all we believe that even the smallest pebble can create a ripple.
If you seem interested to see what we have done so far feel free to check out our Instagram page

We aim to make a difference, be apart and make a change!
So what do you think is still holding you back?
Join us this 25th July 2020 to be a part of this bigger cause.

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