Special Awareness Session

Special Awareness Session
On Effective Presentation Techniques

Categories | EXPIRED Date | JANUARY 25, 2019

Be Exclusive - Special Career Guidance Session

A Special Career Conference was organized organized by ICBS to provide proper knowledge about what they can do and need to do to become competitive in the job market and the opportunities available to select for their higher education.

The students received valuable information and insights from three elegant panel members , about what exactly the future look like and what will be the future employer seeking from Candidate.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | JANUARY 11, 2019

Plogga-The Eco-Lution

PLOGGA Eco-lution'19 was an event organized by the staff and students of the ICBS. As a part of a CSR group project PLOGGA was carried out to reach the awareness of the plastic and waste pollution along the coastal lines of Sri lanka and to reduce them.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | DECEMBER 29, 2019

Imperial Christmas Donation 2019

Christmas is a time of sharing love with one another. We, the Imperial family shared the joy of Christmas in a special way this time with the children of Sri Jinananda Development Center, Wellawatta. We invited these little ones over for an evening full of happiness and laughter with many prizes and surprises.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | DECEMBER 26, 2019


The Imperial College christmas party was organized for all the active & past students including the lecturers by the Students Council of Imperial College of Business Studies – Kandy Branch for the 8th consecutive year this christmas too.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | DECEMBER 16, 2019

Future Business leaders

The Future business leaders’ program was mainly organized with the objective of enhancing the leadership qualities of students. This was a brand new and unique training program to develop leadership abilities and personalities of the next generation leaders. We at Imperial College of Business Studies believe in the concept "United we stand, divided we fall".

Categories | EXPIRED Date | DECEMBER 10, 2019

Imperial College of Business Studies - Convocation 2019

The convocation of Imperial College of Business Studies was held on the 29th NOV 2019 at BMICH in a glamorous , prestigious manner.

230 graduates of the institution were graduated receiving , MBA , BA and BA(Hons) from the public University of the Scotland , The University of the West of Scotland which is under the best 150 young universities and also in the top 3% Best universities in the world

Categories | EXPIRED Date | NOVEMBER 29, 2019

Inter University Badmintion Team Championshipl

Another historical victory for Imperial Family!⁣
Our Badminton Team became “Champions” defeating SLIIT, IIT, APIIT and mighty Open University team at the finals at Inter University Badmintion Team Championship organized by APIIT on the 2nd November 2019.⁣

Categories | EXPIRED Date | NOVEMBER 02, 2019

Fresher’s night

Kandy branch of Imperial student council organized the "ALOHA Fresher’s 2K19", with a Hawaiian theme to go with the decorations the day panned out to be glamorous in every possible outlook.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | OCTOBER 29, 2019

"Imperial Night 2019"

A Night To Remember
Imperial Night 2019!

Categories | EXPIRED Date | OCTOBER 25, 2019

"Imperial College CIMA Sport day 2019"

CIMA Sports Day 2019!
Champions - Imperial College Of Business Studies
We started as underdogs, no one knew who we are and what our capabilities were!
We fought with many strong sides , even with sides who already called themselves as “True Champions”.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | OCTOBER 01, 2019

Ifthar 2018

Ifthar is the evening meal with which our Muslims brothers and sisters end their daily fasting period at in the evening at sunset, after having fasted throughout the day.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | JULY 27, 2019

"Paint The World Green"


The initiative was taken up by the year 1 semester 2 students and it was a great project to help the ATTIDIAYA PRIMARY MODEL SCHOOL to help plant a seed in the hearts of the students to conserve the environment and to "Paint the world green" it was a great occasion and appreciated by the school.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | JULY 17, 2019


Imperial College Awurudu Fest 2019

The Sinhala New Year, generally known as the Aluth Avurudda, is a major event celebrated by not only the Sinhalese people but by most Sri Lankans. We at the Imperial Family too got together with the participation of delegates from the University of the West of Scotland involving of all ethnic groups at Digana Village in Kandy to celebrate our own Imperial Avurudu.

Categories | EXPIRED Date | APRIL 12, 2019