If you’re thinking about studying at ICBS, our step-by-step guide should help you to understand the application process.

It’s easy to make an application but there are a few steps that you need to go through to ensure you have everything you need first.

Step 1: Choose a course

Choose one of the two postgraduate degree programmes offered by ICBS, this can get you off to a great start in your career.

Step 2: Check the entry requirements

Make sure that you meet – or are on course to meet – the academic qualifications or work experience for your chosen degree. You must be able to provide proof of all qualifications and/or work experience.

If you are unsure whether you meet the academic qualifications or work experience required, feel free to fill in the academic qualifications and/or work experience that you possess or contact ICBS directly for guidance.

Step 3: Fees and funding

Your tuition fees are determined by your nationality and the country where you are resident.

Contact ICBS directly to find out how much it will cost to study at ICBS.

Step 4: Apply

Download Application

Fill the application and upload the file here…