Completed CIMA ! Why ? Thilini came back to Imperial AGAIN / She Joined the 3rd year - HONS Degree

Section 1

In section 1 you will get a clear understanding of the degree inclusive of CIMA & ACCA. (one syllabus inclusive of professional + academic qualification)

When you complete a qualification you can taste the sweetness of success and accomplishment and the thirst for more. As a continuous learner, I was interested in obtaining another qualification to enhance my knowledge and skills. In 2018 when I was working at MAS Kreeda, I got to know about the BA (Hons) International Business and Finance degree program and the entry route available for the CIMA exam completed candidates which is direct entry to the 3rd Year.

Since CIMA is a professional qualification there are certain areas that will not be covered in comparison to an academic qualification (Degree). Once I visited Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch, I was given detailed explanations about the group as well as individual assignments, group presentations, and the final year thesis developing research skills, which is accompanied by a viva which was not focused in the CIMA qualification. Since I never got an opportunity to cover these areas I made a decision to enroll in the final year of the degree program in March 2019.

The experience was very useful to develop my academic skills which I believed I lacked. I got to know, entering the 3rd year and with passion, dedication, and commitment I can achieve a Hons degree. This was my ultimate goal.

Section 2

Section 2 will give you an idea about thilni's experience in "Assignment writing"

Stepping into the 3rd year after COMPLETING CIMA, I must say it was interesting. Assignments encouraged me to search for information, read articles and news, and get updated about the current world. All the assignments I got were really interesting but at the same time very challenging. Assignments tested the business analyzing and decision-making skills of a student and that’s one of the most practical approaches to test students’ knowledge. I spent a considerable amount of time searching and reading articles according to the given assignment tasks and I was able to articulate good reports. Personally, I learned a lot about the current market and trends in the business world and I was able to enhance my business analysis skills by looking at real-world scenarios.

Section 3

Section 3 will give you an idea about thilni's experience in "Presentations"

Engaging in group presentations gave me an opportunity for the first time to work with a group and to learn to manage all the differences and disagreements of my teammates. Since I’m the new kid in the class, the rest of the students knew each other for three years and had prior experience in presentation as well as assignment writing skills set the standards for me. I was able to get advice from them for starters as well. Group presentations enabled me to get to know my classmates well and become good friends, listen to their creative ideas and opinions, and gather all into one page to achieve our goal which was to score high marks and do a memorable presentation. I’m so glad that both the teams I worked with, was able to get higher scores for assignments and did outstanding, informative presentations that were praised by lecturers and moderators. It was the point I realized no matter how many differences and disagreements we had, proper planning and teamwork will make us all successful at the end of the day.

Section 4

Section 4 is about thilni's experience in the "Research" components

Our lecturers at Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch, opened our minds, challenged our current knowledge, and taught us the real idea behind “research” and how we should plan our work. Lecturers were such an asset and great mentors I have ever met. They made us do our work alone and seek his guidance when we needed it. Thanks to Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch today I have a better picture of the research and I am inspired to challenge my own ideas and search for knowledge more and more.

Section 5

Section 5 is about the Viva

The viva session was another level of experience. It was my very first time facing a viva and my thesis and all my work were challenged by the panel. It was an eye-opening moment where I was able to learn from my own mistakes. I enjoyed every bit of my research work amidst the mistakes I did and the challenges I faced. It was a great learning experience. Since the research has more weightage it plays a vital part when calculating the average and if a student scores a really good mark, a first-class is not just a dream but will become a reality.

Section 6

Section 6 - Are you curious ? Do you want to know what "CLASS" thilini ended up with ?

Everything fell into place as per the way I planned. I aced the assignments and as well the thesis. I reached my goal and graduated with a first-class in March 2020 which brought joy to my mother and my sister who was with me throughout this journey of success. Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch All my lecturers were very cooperative, influencing, and supportive. Apart from the lessons, they shared their own experiences and life stories which inspired me a lot.

Section 7

Section 7 - Imperial and the Homely environment

Most of all a better education environment is created and maintained by the Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch. For me, the college feels like home and I feel really comfortable. Whenever I feel like coming to college to do self-studies, assignments, research or just to hang around with friends, college always warmly welcomes me and still, it does. All the staff members are like my own sisters and brothers. Some of my special days I celebrate with them because I know for sure their love, friendship, and support is also a part of my life as well as my success story. Whenever I needed support or advice I sought professional guidance from very well experienced counselors and they did their very best to help me in every way possible. I was able to share my ideas, opinions, personal experiences, and seek advice whenever I needed it. Imperial College of Business Studies - Kandy Branch was always very encouraging and supportive throughout my CIMA and degree Career.

Section 8

Section 8 - There ups and downs in life

Needless to say, we go through ups and down due to various reasons in life. There were times where I was losing strength to get up from my bed and do my work. Last few weeks of my degree I was mentally challenged due to various personal reasons. But deadlines and workload did go on no matter what I made sure I don’t lose focus on my objectives and did my very best to achieve them. My motivation is none other than myself and my life.

Section 9

Section 9 - Thilini's message to you

“Education is not about wearing a black cloak and taking pictures on your big day and applying for jobs. It’s unquestionably beyond that idea. Education should be a seed that grows within you day by day and let it grow to be a gigantic tree with strong roots and sweet fruits that sets an example for upcoming generations. Education is there to shape good human beings with great values. Never take education for granted."

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