“GET SOME REST”, “ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?” Life is too short to wait and wonder

Life is full of surprises. Some will make you reach places that you thought were impossible and some will make you regret your mere existence. But some will change it all instantly and you will be so thankful to yourself that you took that decision that made it all happen. The Trust you have in yourself will take you a long way.

Half a year ago I finished my advanced level exam which was supposed to be over 2 months before. Usually it takes about 3 months for the results to come out. Due to pandemic we all were dragged back from the races we were running and it is quite hard to pick up the pace. The postponed 2 months plus the extra 3 months that we’ve been waiting for the results adds up to 5 months of waste. These years are the golden years of any teenager’s life and almost a half a year of doing nothing can cause serious disadvantages. But as I mentioned before it all came by surprise and none of us planned it all to happen. This is why grabbing every opportunity that comes in your way is very important.

I’ve heard about ICBS for quite some time and even as an ALs student I was aware of the amazing degree that they conduct which gives you 12 qualifications. As soon as I finished my exams I started my research for the hunt for my higher education as it was pretty clear that we’d have to wait quite some time for the next step if we wait for results. To my fortune, I came across a message that read about ICBS calling for scholarships and I tried it out. I was lucky enough to get hold of that scholarship and I immediately started working.

The degree felt like the best shot thrown at me to fast track my career and education which was dragged down and delayed. 7 months in and I’m already in year 01 semester 02. The degree made me so productive throughout quarantine and I was able to find so many new friends and got to be a part of multiple clubs and societies and also learnt so many new things. I feel very grateful and blessed and I’m very glad I took the decision to give it a shot even though I felt the least prepared. It all happens for the best.

I myself went through my fair share of warnings and ARE YOU SURES. The fact that I was proceeding to do a degree not even a month after my ALs, raised a lot of brows on lot of faces. “GET SOME REST”, “ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?”, “DON’T YOU WANT TO WAIT?”, “THIS MIGHT MAKE YOU STRESSFUL”, “DO SOMETHING ELSE”, are only some of the comments I generally received. Life is too short to wait and wonder when you know what you should do. If you trust yourself you can beat all the odds. Grab it all while you can and don’t miss a chance.

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity I received to be a part of such an amazing campus. The opportunities we get here are like no other. Here, your voices are heard and actions are taken for the betterment of you always. Your ideas and opinions actually matter and you are showered with guidance and chances. It is honestly the best decision I ever made myself take and it made me beat all the odds.

And by the time the most of my colleagues start their university education, I will be in the final year of the degree and it sounds like the best investment time-wise. Choosing this made me fast track my whole life and it put me on my dream lane with a promising pace.

If you know you can, you can. Remember, everything comes by for a reason. How do you know that you’re going to fail on something that you didn’t even try? Be strong and go for it. Trust me, you will never regret it.

Upuli Jayasundara
Year 1 Semester 2
BA(Hons) International Business & Finance
University of the West of Scotland

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