Make a little space to make a better place

The schools island wide were closed from March 2020 to August due to the first wave of Covid 19 in the country. Although schools were supposed to reopen in late April after the “April holidays” for the second term, schools were reopened in August but with the reemergence of the Corona virus, schools have been closed again since October.

While many schools started teaching virtually via the Internet, it has been a challenge for some schools to follow this approach which was new to both educators and children. With the global Corona pandemic, there are many challenges facing the students from preschool to university education. Some students have access to online education, but not all enjoy the same privilege. Analysts say that the students’ personal and economic status also affects their ability to access online education, and that online education is not particularly satisfactory, especially in rural schools and in many schools outside the city. Most private teachers teach online, but only a small number of students can afford to pay for it. So many children are under a lot of pressure as there are very few who can get the service for free. The results are long lasting. To the detriment of the future, the impact of the disruption on education is greater than anything else.

This situation is a big problem but if it can be solved in a small way or in any way we can, it will be a very valuable thing at this point. Now that we have the opportunity to do a project that can have a positive impact on society, we have decided to work together as PaathShaala to help students who are unable to continue their education in the face of the Corona pandemic.

Accordingly, in March this year, the brothers and the sisters who are sitting for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination will be able to get 100% free education online and obtain the required question papers through our web page. Also, they will get the opportunity to talk to us at any time, in cases such as exam stress. Furthermore, the increase in the prevalence of the Corona virus has led to an increase in the stress of young children compared to adults in the face of practical problems such as economic collapse. Adults rarely have the opportunity to leave home for work or for everyday needs at home. Although adults have various methods to pass the time, children are almost completely confined to their homes.

Children may have lost the opportunity to gather with their neighbors and friends. Some of their behavior is a clear indication that they are suffering from severe depression in such an environment. Attempts to provide education for children who are under the greatest pressure of all in the current environment should be done with the utmost vigilance, as they too may suffer further. That is why online education is not a very successful method for small children. As a solution to this, we PaathShaala has also organized a very simple activity program with young children to uplift their mental level. Giving a very young child the opportunity to draw what he hears and sees can develop a child’s imagination and handling skills. Designing and crafting can develop the skills of young children and we also provide the opportunity for children of formal education age to engage in activities relevant to their curriculum. In addition, another social mission we carry out through this project is to donate school equipment to children who are currently in dire financial status due to the loss of their parents’ jobs.

By doing all this, we hope to empower the children affected by this disastrous time by guiding them to a smarter approach for education.

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